Hi there!

Greetings and Salutations! My first few tests of this new blog are *working* photo posts of some recently finished objects - yay! This seems to be the year of actually getting things done!

My background - I taught myself how to knit back in 2002 because I was determined to knit an afghan for my boyfriend (now fiance, so much for "the curse" - maybe it only applies to sweaters?). From there I went on to smaller projects and am now slowly working my way back up to the big stuff. I am still learning, but I do not mind the practice!

Currently on my needles I've got three different socks in progress. Two of them already have one of the pair completed, so they are halfway done. I've also got a cardigan on the needles, for which the back and one front side are completed. It's just too warm to work with this time of year.

I am a nutmegger, I've been Connecticut just about all of my life, if you overlook 10 weeks I spent in North Dakota, 4 years of college in Rhode Island and 2 years of graduate school in upstate New York. I'm a science teacher to grades 5 - 8, starting summer vacation. This summer I expect to improve my knitting, take up a yoga class and do lots of reading!

Bottoms Up Hat Finished!
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ChicKami finished!
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ChicKami in progress
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