Needle Check

I originally planned to give myself a break at school today and make a post about "what's on my needles" but as today has gone on I think I may need to invest in some retail therapy...that could be dangerous.

So, on my needles:
1. Banff - I've got the back done and started a sleeve last night.
2. the zebra from vogue scarves two - just have to finish the leg, weave in ends, add eyes, fringe, ears.
3. Snakes on a Sock - one sock is done, the second sock I'm ready to do the heel flap.
4. I started the sushi wallet a while ago but didn't read the directions completely and needed to use an additional needle. So, it's just sitting in the bag.

I'll probably cast on for these really cute pumpkins because I can't resist.


I'm quite excited about the yarn I'll be getting from Ruby Sapphire in the Hope and Bekka colorways. I am going to have a "Donald" colorway made up and use that with the Hope to make a scarf I saw in scarf style for my grandmother for christmas.



(I'm still without my camera, so links will have to do.)

Yesterday when I got home there was a great package waiting for me from Lynne - she's been very aware of the fact that red / pink are not my favorite colors, however I love everything she sent (and I'm keeping it all!)

There's candy - Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Red Fish!! -- my dentist will thank you!
There's ya--rn! in red and white. - I have not yet had the luxury of working with Any debbie bliss, so I'm very excitied for that. And I've started a "cotton / dishcloth" yarn collection and I do not yet have red/white!
There's lip gloss - how did you know that I am miserable without lip gloss? The more the better!
There's an apron that she made! (scroll down to Sept19!) - I love this the best I think! Wow - love the fabric and the pocket!
There's the Holiday Knits book - perfect! I'm planning to make the scarf in there ASAP~!
There's also a great big mug with red / pink flowers filled with different teas! Raspberries and Cranberry - yum!
And (can you believe it, there's more!)
There's a notes / small file holder, and dpn point protector, and a tape measure.

Everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper and there were even pink packing peanuts!
Thank you soo much! This was a lot of fun - your package will be leaving my house on Monday!

When that happens, along with Lewis and Clark setting off on their journey, I'll be caught up!

To my Tea Swap partner - thanks for the email! Hi!!


Fall TV LineUp

It's a small world. Ugly Betty is a show I was going to give at least one night of attention to this fall season. But now, I most definetly will. There's an article in the local paper about two actresses from my town. I went to high school with (and costume-crewed a lot of the shows with)Becki. Interesting.

Her brother, Matt, with whom I also attended high school and crewed on the shows, has been on one of my favorite shows, but not one of the highly anticipated returns: Gilmore Girls.

I'm watching Survivo, Lost, Amazing Race and Sopranos


Pictures will come later

I have received some fabulous packages...
YarnAboardII Explorers Lewis & Clark arrived via Jill - there's a great sock guide (a mreasurement guide for feet of all sizes! I don't have one of those and was thinking I should!), Lovely Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, and stitch markers (from someplace that I don't have the link to right now... they are just stunning!), and a little bag she made - love love love it! Now I have to get it in the mail for the next person.

Favorite Color Swap from CJ and oh my word she rocks!!!! You could not imagine a better blue-green-purple assortment of goodies! Candy (Jolly ranchers and Spree and mike & Ikes my favorites!), napkins that match my kitchen, CDs of some Dave Matthews that was missing from my collection and "Country" which I plan to listen to this weekend, blue-green-purple post its, sharpie marker, purple crate / basket, green box (it's going to hold my dpns!) and in a totally Lime-n-Violet would be so proud of me for prancing around the kitchen snuggling up to the yarn - Habu Cashmere Yarn in an absolutely lucious green... AND (I told you she rocked) 2 beautiful facecloths that are mine all mine, not for the hubby shaving his face :) I was completely spoiled beyond belief!

And last but not least, my One Skein Secret Pal sent an adorable little purple felted bag with cute buttons on it - Thanks Becky I love it! I had a lot of fun doing this secret pal exchange and look forward to reading more in your blog!

School is absolutely swamping my life right now.

I'm trying to decide if I dare venture to Scout's swag club.

I'm thinking about driving up and back when it's Saturday time for Rhinebeck - anybody want to carpool from Newe Haven area?


Patternworks Catalog (Rant)

How nice to come home to fun mail (catalogs) - I love catalog shopping. Even just to put ideas in my head that I can later find at the outlets or TJMaxx / Marshalls. Patternworks arrived today - as I started flipping through it I was confused, thinking "Doesn't Knitpicks sell only their own yarn now?" Then I realized this wasn't the knitpicks catalog.

Anyway, I'm annoyed. Page 4? The Polo Sweater? Boxy and off the shoulders is modernizing? Isn't it 80s? Page 12, Magnum Yarn. Only 3 balls of yarn to make the Cardigan (which I actually think it cute). The yarn is $25. I can't justify $75 for a sweater that's only 3 balls of yarn. Ick. I didn't make it all the way through the catalog. Instead, I went to visit LimeNViolet to get the Snakes on a Sock pattern - I think I'm going to make them out of my "Pink is the new Black" yarn from Spunky Eclectic. Yes, that's what I'm going to do, and I'll start on it tonight / tomorrow on the way to the Mets game!
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