Weekend (& Yarn Help Needed)

This sums it up:

Last night we went to the Durham Fair - always fun. Today we ran errands and planted bulbs for the spring. And now, resting. I should try to get a little jump on lesson plans, but I really just want to knit!!

And since this is most likely the last really warm (shorts) weekend, here's a shot of my successful sunflower plant (I had to replant them twice due to bunnies)

And on to the help - I am planning to make Flora (KnityFall'05) for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas. I'm looking at yarns at jimmybeanswool.com. I have found the Rowan wool cotton in Rich&Berry. I'm looking at the Rowan Kidsilk Haze (instead of Crystal Palace Kid Merino, because I could buy them all at once) - but which color? Blushes? Splendor? Liquer? CandyGirl? Please help me decide!


Quotes from the couch

We're sitting here watching Trump's "Apprentice" and during commercials, as I'm checking on my 0923485-23904762456729-38475n bazillion bloglines, my hubby makes a very astute observation.

I never knew that knitting could be so much more than the act of knitting. It’s reading about knitting. It’s writing about knitting. It’s buying knitting.

And I replied (trying to be equally brilliant, but surely falling short)

Unravelling a skein of yarn opens up a whole new world.

And now hubby is quietly smirking at my attempts to be witty and amuse you all :)

There's good tv on this fall - Arrested Development on Monday, Gilmore Girls on Tuesday (and the love of my life likes Supernatural), Martha's Apprentice & Lost on Wednesday, Survivor and Trump on Thursday. Wow.

Knitting is slow going, but I'm starting to work on Christmas presents. The list seems to be at least a meter or two! I did find a cute sewing project to try and make a little wrap thing for Jackson. But it won't be girly like it sounds.

Have you checked out Dani's yarns for sale? Beautiful! I'm saving my pennies...


I'm here

Piled underneath everything it seems. Being busy is better than being bored, right? I've gotten some great mail! Christina sent me a really cute e-card, and my SP5 angel revealed herself - Ina was my wonderful wonderful pal. Even the way in which she packaged the items - so thoughtful! This was my best SP exchange yet! The last package arrived on Saturday - 4 balls of Debbie Bliss merino chunky, cocktail monkeys to make this, Mike and Ikes (chewing does relieve stress!), a postcard frame (which now has a photo of Jackson in it) and several NJ postcards. Thank you thank you again!

I was the SP5 to Chele - I don't know if she figured out it was me or not... I was delayed in getting out her last package - it's coming, I promise!!

I missed out for SP6, but I have signed up for the Needles Exchange - I had so much fun with the first one, and met a really cool knitter (Hi dani!). My questionairre? Surprise me! Poke around my blog, I often mention what I like :)
I did get burned in the first one (never received anything) but have decided to try Back-tack again, as I like a challenge. I'm hoping too to do more with the RAOK's now that I'm not truly SP-ing.

Knitting wise, I've finished two parts of a bone to felt for Jackson. Speaking of the little devil, we took him out in public yesterday - he's got all his shots, so why not. It included a trip to Petco, where I bought him a sweater jacket(to cover until I make one), and the groomers gave him a gold shiny bandana - great! Now I can cut the big ones down to size - he's hard to find things that fit!! Pictures below :)

(new jacket... he really doesn't look like an elephant in real life!)

(laundry day!)


Someday we will look back and laugh

Today is not one of those days!

People are still recovering from Katrina - how am I supposed to even dare to compare my little life traumas and drama to that? I'm not comparing them, today was just sucky.

It started over the weekend - a mistake on Dan & my part and I had a mishap with the clippers while cutting his hair. Today, my father in law was at our house to let the furnace guy in to clean / service. He also took brief care of Jackson - let him out to pee / poop, play etc. Dan come's home and Jackson is nowhere to be found, yet the door to his room is closed?! He was upstairs in our bedroom, under the bed. He chewed up my cell phone charger and one of my fuzzy feet! He also peed upstairs. Could have been a lot worse (we're lucky he didn't choke or electrocute himself on the charger at the very least!)


By the by, the executive director still has his position, thanks to our very vocal parents who demand respect.

And said executive director dropped it on me this morning at our meeting how the students should do a science project related to Katrina - great, I can do that, it's just now that's one more week before I really get going on the topics I'm supposed to teach. And projects can be like pulling teeth some times. If you're a teacher, do not use the yahoo group for lesson-plans - there's a lot of drama there homeschool vs real teachers and it's getting nasty!

creature comforts sent me the most beautiful gift tags - she has more in the CraftRevolution's etsy shop

And the person I've been spoiling for SP5 (I have to send out her last package!) sent me a treat! Beautiful stitch markers! How sweet was that?
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