Flickr is fun


There goes the bandwagon - I'm on it!

I found this link through another bloggers blog - so peaceful and CUTE!!
orisinal (online games)

And I had been planning to make this Cadbury Chick for easter, but I don't crochet so I was thinking that I would use embroidery floss for the eyes / beak - but maybe this egg cozy is the way to go instead. Google eyes / paper beak? May require a craft store trip tomorrow.


FO! Yay!

No pictures, but I am happy to report that tonight, just in time to be put away because spring is on the verge of being sprung, Coronet came off the needles. I didn't knit it the 9.5 inches from the bottom of the band that my large head dictated in the instructions, I just stuck the thing on my head and decided. Go me! I'm wearing it now and it's wonderfully warm!

I've been working on a few knitted chicks / "peeps" for easter to give to my mom and Nana.

I recently received the Rebecca "Home" issue - bought from supercrafty on ebay - great great great magazine! I'm going to have to get it more often - every page in there I turned and squealed.

I'm thinking that maybe kiri would look nice in the green beauty that my secret pal sent me last week...



This week has been ultra-crazy with report cards being due. I finally was able to get back to knitting on Thursday night. I finished my Koigu socks during Survivor and Apprentice - One sock has a shorter cuff than the other, but underneath jeans who cares?

I started working on Coronet from knitty.com because I don't have a decent winter hat and apparently, I need it - winter just won't let go of New England.

I've been hunting about ebay - I've won a Jiminy Cricket patch and Jiminy Cricket charm for a necklace. I'm bidding on a cute sanrio / san-x pencil case that I think I'll use for double points. I have two really cute metal pencil cases - one with Hello Kitty and one with Monchiki, but I think I'd rather have a soft sided case... I'm also thinking about getting this - it's a "beccabag" - how cute would that be?

Dan suggessted to me that once we're in the new house that we can lift the no yarn buying self-imposed resolution. We'll have the space for stash enhancement, and he just doesn't get knitting socks. He thinks I should go bigger. Bigger things need more yarn - I've got 2/3 skeins on average of whatever color and sweaters and blankets need 6-8 or so!

And congrats and welcome to Heide on being a part of RAOK now! She's a cool cat - send her stuff! :^)

AND, last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to my secret pal - I came home yesterday to a package - 4 skeins of a a mohair-type yarn in an absolutely GORGEOUS shade of green! I would love to use it to make something in time for St. Patrick's Day, but I don't know - maybe the Airy scarf from the Last Minute Gifts book she sent! Thank you again so much!!


Big News

I think my initial shock has started to wear off and I can begin to be more excited about this news: Dan and I are going to have our own house! eep! His parents are moving out and we're moving in. Close sometime in May, move in June? This happened really fast, but it's cool.

Knitting has been sidelined in order to do grades. Stinkers, as I am SO close to finishing my Koigu sock.


Surfing About

After a kinda icky day I came home to find that my wonderful husband had bought me a camera flash!! eeee! He gave me a SLR two Christmas-times ago and I adore playing with it, but couldn't use it inside because of the lack of lighting! Once I get the right number of batteries, I'll be playing indoors more, taking more knitting photos and burning through film!!!

Surfing around tonight - How cute are these: IttyBittyNecklaces (the hearts), and these MommyTags (not for me, not yet anyway) and this DIY yoga eye pillow!

And I had not yet checked out spunmag.com - another online knitting "thing" - I'm SO making this catepillar.


This is annoying

I've been running all the virus scan / malware finders / popup blockers that I can find because something is wonky with the internet on my computer. Also, somehow my sidebar only shows up at the bottom of the page under all the posts (that's not right. it was fine maybe 2 days ago). And when I open my blog page and then try to link out of it or open a link in another page IE freezes and I have to use the task manager to shut it down. Anyone else notice this?

knitting-wise I finished the Hallowig. There are 3 ends to weave in. It looks really goofy because I did the decreases as written and I should have flipped them - for crazy hair day at school it will be fine I think.

I've been looking into digital cameras so that I can post pictures of the knitting. Any reccomendations? I'm willing to spend $200-$300 I think.

Today it's a snow day!
Things to do: work on Koigu sock #2, weave in ends of hallowig, write wedding thank yous, go to the post office, pick up wedding reprints, order others, scout out Job Lot of cell-making stuff for school, find dice for school game, internet search for upcoming school topics (DNA, genetics, ecology, biomes, cells, etc), work on Science Fair packet, grading, report card prep, set up pH cards for lab, go to grocery store, vacuum, clean bathroom, figure out dinner.
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