FO! Yay!

No pictures, but I am happy to report that tonight, just in time to be put away because spring is on the verge of being sprung, Coronet came off the needles. I didn't knit it the 9.5 inches from the bottom of the band that my large head dictated in the instructions, I just stuck the thing on my head and decided. Go me! I'm wearing it now and it's wonderfully warm!

I've been working on a few knitted chicks / "peeps" for easter to give to my mom and Nana.

I recently received the Rebecca "Home" issue - bought from supercrafty on ebay - great great great magazine! I'm going to have to get it more often - every page in there I turned and squealed.

I'm thinking that maybe kiri would look nice in the green beauty that my secret pal sent me last week...

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