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This seemed like a cute thing to do - no one passed it on to me, I took it. Open invitation to take from here, as I've added a few things:

The place I grew up

The place I live now

My Name:

My grandmother's names:

My Favorite food(s):

My favorite drinks:

My Favorite Song (currently):

My favorite candy

My favorite animal

My job

More later...


Slowly Unpacking

I think we can finally see the light through the boxes and paper and bubble wrap and tape. We're getting settled in and things are looking really good! We're very excited about having people come and visit - his parents were here for the move, my parents will be here tomorrow, we've got friends coming in next weekend, and my brothers the week after that.

I'm so excited because I received my back-tack package! All the way from the UK! And I adore everything she sent - I'll be sad to send it along when I'm done with it! Here are some pictures:

I love all the fabrics - a great assortment of pinks / greens / purples, rickrack / ribbon / beads & buttons and thread! And two adorable postcards. And some sweets which are not in the photo because they have been eaten! Thank you so very much!

Sadly, I am behind on getting out my package of things - they WILL go out Tuesday! the fastest way possible!!


Packing Sucks

I'm surrounded by boxes and tape and I keep stepping on bubble wrap. We crammed a lot into this little apartment.

Science fair is tomorrow night. Moving Thursday. Wheee!


Knitting and Puppies

Patrick would like to introduce you to his new friend, who will soon be on her way to Maddy:

I followed the pattern in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts, used Microspun yarn for the body and Sensations Bamboo for the ears. I'm not 100% thrilled with the face, but overall it's really cute.

Other news - possibly, we've decided to get a dachshund puppy. Rather, I've decided. Dan agrees. Although those Rhodesian ridgeback mixes are adorable too. I really like the fact that dachshunds don't shed as much / low odors to worry about / and they are independent enough to be on their own... I've been surfing the web and oohing and awwwing over many photos.

Other knitting related matters, I've purchased more homespun to make my Nana a prayer shawl - it appears the cancer has returned and likely that chemo will be the treatment... We'll know more next week. This is most definetly not fair for her.

Off to Star Wars tonight.
Packing tomorrow.



I'm still getting mail bounced back to me when I try to send a photo to mobile blogger - anyone else? I'm frustrated.

In other annoyances, why is it that each time I'm at Wal-Mart I'm approached for help? I don't work there!! Our WalMart is tiny. Not nearly the sprawlmart it could be. I don't know where the paper towels are ma'am - I'm trying to find some stuffing for a knit toy!

In a minor victory, I was able to send a photo from my phone to my gmail account, save it, and post it to flickr...

Quality is okay, certainly better than nothing!


Where's the camera crew?

All day yesterday I felt like I was on trading spaces. We bought paint on Friday night, "deep smoke signal" and set to it on Saturday. The master bedroom looks awesome! The paint went on so well (2 coats) - so worth it. We moved in the bed and a dresser and it really came together. All it needs now are some minor touches. The kitchen is next - some shade of green...

I've been so icky sick that I'm too tired to even knit. Bleh. And right about now I could give a rat's ass about lesson plans. So I think I may pick up the needles now that I'm not picking up a tissue every few moments.


Coming Down with Something

Ick. That's all there is to say - it's either seasonal allergies or a cold from somewhere. Go white blood cells, Go! At this point my attendance at SnB's this week (spontaneous in the shoreline or up in North Haven) are dependent on how this moves and develops.

What's the deal with sending photos from your phone to bloggers new address? I tried and think I was successful in sending the emails, but how long is the turn around time?

Wow - I've been tagged (This is the first time, thanks Sami) I'm looking forward to doing a lot more reading once school gets out...

Total number of books in my house: Oh good God. I'm "inbetween" houses now, but there are easily 100 in this apartment. Several library books. There are probably 150 - 200 or so more at my parent's house. And I know I have dropped about 12 or so at our new house. I love books.

The last book I bought was: bookbookbook (a.k.a. At Knit's End)

Five books I often read or that mean a lot to me:
Silent Spring
The Diary of Anne Frank
Candy and Me a Love Story
Charlotte's Web
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

That was really hard! I immediately thought of dozens of books - they all mean something to me at some point, if they don't I do not finish them or I skip ahead. I will read often anything by Laurie Notaro or Jen Weiner. I treasure reading the Ramona Quimby books, the Judy Blume books and Laura Ingalls. I will always read Gary Larson (There's a Hair in my dirt) and Bill Watterson. I loved Bram Stoker's Dracula. The knitting books are read often. I enjoy Chuck Pahaluniuk's work. Agatha Christie. Cookbooks are fun. Gardening books are what I'm into now...

Who I'm passing this on to and why: Heide, my sp4, "For the Love of Fibers" and Kirstie - All because I'm curious :^)


Achy joints

I've been working on the knitted rabbit (no fangs) from the "Last Minuted Knitted Gifts" - I'm using Lion Brand's microspun and holding a double strand on the bamboos is starting to hurt my hands. I like how the fabric looks though. So I switch over to using the laptop on the couch, thus adding to my poor posture at the moment and certainly not giving my knuckles a break while i read up on the blogs.

In the meantime, how cute are these shirts? I especially like the owl, the two birds and the dish&spoon

I really want to put wallwords somewhere in the house - maybe the kitchen, craft room to be, or front hall... hrm.


Two-Year Old Birthday

What would you make for a soon-to-be two year old girl? I've already made her a blanket (when she was born) and fruit hat (Christening) -- I'm thinking the bunny toy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and maybe try embroidering something cute onto a little pocketbook / totebag... I'm not a very fast knitter, and her party is the 29th but I think we'll be seeing her on the 20th... I also thought about the Fiesta Tea Set, but I wonder if that is a better gift for a three year old? I don't know.

I'm excited getting stuff together for the back-tack... I'm worried that what I send won't be enough or good enough - I feel like I'm in the company of overwhelming experience!

At the Thursday SnB I started working on the Rebecca sleeves, but was distracted by the conversations and meeting new people that I didn't read the next part of the instructions about increasing at the same time. So I figure my sleeves will just be a little longer.



I won a gift certificate today at work for teacher appreciation day! $125 - that will get a very nice dinner! Google's got a nice little image up today too... remember your teachers and say thank you!

While SP4 may be over, I have to say that I enjoyed being on the giving end to Sequink and pal of For the Love of Fibers - it was so much fun!

I've gotten some good feedback on cameras... still mulling it over.

Little knitting has been done lately - I have to double check my guage on the x-back tank (I think I'll do that at the North Haven Panera MeetUp on thursday). I've been busy thinking about an upcoming garden - good sites:
You Grow Girl, GrowGuide-Weekend Gardener,and CT-botanical society

And the back-tack matches have been made... I'm excited (both my matches are outside of the US)!! What to send....


Wishing I had a digital camera (and sewing machine)

I just got back some photos (yay!) of finished objects, but only prints - there's a really cute one of Patrick, the penguin, casting an Alfred Hitchcock shadow. Today at Target I was distracted by the cameras - I saw a digital one for $30 - real cheap, no preview, but maybe that would keep me momentarily happy. I walked around the store many times mulling this over, but then decided that no I wanted something good. So I mosey back to their camera display - there were no prices out on anything! Free? I wish. I waited for some red-shirt to come over and help - and he gives me a schpiel that I interrupted because 1)I'm not scared in any way of technology (I started out by telling him I mainly wanted it for photos for a website, that should be his first clue) 2)I'm not scared of computers 3)I'm familiar with cameras - I have a 35mm automatic and SLR!! I don't like being talked down to, so I left. Without a camera. Not quite as interesting as ThreeOliveMartini's tire near-fiasco but still.

I'm looking for 3-4 megapixels, with a zoom, preview screen. Not too large size wise. Gotta find a consumer reports on these cameras. Looking to spend less than $250. Don't really care about easy share or printing the photos (if they're decent enough that's what ofoto and snapfish are for!)

Also, poking around the blogs last night made me wish I had a sewing machine and really knew how to sew! I have cross-stitched, I'm trying to embroider, I briefly used a sewing maching during my years as head costume wench in high school theatre - but to see what some people are doing out there is just inspiring!! Take a peek!
DIY Chinese Take-Out Purse (more paper than sewing, but still!)

My My (check out the patches too!)

Sewing Stars

My Paper Crane

And how about the "Month of Softies"?
There's always ThreadBared - those gals don't sew, but they have an, uh, appreciation for the patterns...

I'm hoping the back-tack will lead me into other adventures to feed the crafting ADHD.
Give Life, Donate Blood