Knitting and Puppies

Patrick would like to introduce you to his new friend, who will soon be on her way to Maddy:

I followed the pattern in the Last Minute Knitted Gifts, used Microspun yarn for the body and Sensations Bamboo for the ears. I'm not 100% thrilled with the face, but overall it's really cute.

Other news - possibly, we've decided to get a dachshund puppy. Rather, I've decided. Dan agrees. Although those Rhodesian ridgeback mixes are adorable too. I really like the fact that dachshunds don't shed as much / low odors to worry about / and they are independent enough to be on their own... I've been surfing the web and oohing and awwwing over many photos.

Other knitting related matters, I've purchased more homespun to make my Nana a prayer shawl - it appears the cancer has returned and likely that chemo will be the treatment... We'll know more next week. This is most definetly not fair for her.

Off to Star Wars tonight.
Packing tomorrow.


Catherine Kerth said...

hey becca i will be praying! good luck on the shawl, i like how homespun, it is so soft. keep us updated on the treatments

betsy said...

Hey there,

Send your grandma my love. Hope all is well with packing, andI can't wait to meet the new puppy when I get home.

mis you


Andrea said...

Those are the cutest little knitted friends! I really should get that book... Btw - the face looks great! Simple & cute :)

Orris said...

Hi Becca,

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. My mother went through colon cancer a few years ago, and we still all hold our breaths at checkup time.

In terms of shawls, for true decadence, try Fleece Artist. For slightly more affordable options, Knitpicks (I believe) had lightweight alpaca yarn on sale for some insanely low price. (I had to close the window before I talked myself into giving up the apartment, and living in a tent for the summer to afford LOTS of yarn).

Also, if you haven't started knitting it yet, the Lotus Blossom pattern is a very nice one. Hope that helps.
Best of luck to you both.

betsy said...


I just got to see the pictures (I couldn't see them last time) They are GREAT. SO CUTE, I have been wanting to do the bunny in grey, what weight yarn did you use.

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