Secrets Revealed!

Life has gotten in the way of posting lately, but that's soon to change - especially as it's now the weekend, we were given Monday off from school, and Tuesday is a short day.

I've been working on my Irish-Hiking-Scarf KnitAlong.
I've been really drawn to the latest knitty suprise.
I've yet to order my pattern for the bear-along (hence the hesitation in posting the button of participation!!)
I've started glove #2 on the BroadStreet mittens that are a christmas gift.
My secret pal sent me a great package and I now know who she is!! Thank you (more descriptions / pictures to come)
And I've gotten a great ROAK of music mix CDs.

Life is good.

It is halloween weekend which means it's the time for scary movies. I saw the movie "SAW" last night. Oh my holy chickens. what a mind twist. gruesome and disturbing.


2 Treats!

What a lucky duck I am :) Yesterday, in the mail I received a package from my SKP2 - stickers!!!! Yay! A pretty fall notepad (it's up on the fridge) AND a really cool book ~ Stranded Color Knitting by Nanette Blanchard. I have been very cautious about doing this sort of thing (meaning I've yet to give it a go) and I think this book will be the sort of thing to help me get to it!! Thank you soo very much!

And, today when I returned to the apartment with the fiance there was a RAOK for me :) Thank you so very much for the magazines, Eileen!! I'm going to have fun poking through those today as a break from lesson planning!

Not a bad weekend. I also went to the new Michael's (right on my way home from work!) and bought some wool-ease to try and make my dad a DNA scarf. The Irish-Hiking-Scarf Knitalong has given me some cable confidence.

I also wanted to post that I made it out to the the yarn barn in woodbridge. It's ~ 15 minutes away from work too. I bought some pink cascade fixation to make a pair of the breast cancer socks, and some brown sheep lambs pride in black and lime green for new fuzzy feet. Woo!

If only I could type up / write my lesson plans as I knit.


Irish Hiking Scarf Knit-Along Progress

It's been a while, but - tah-Dah!! A knitting photo!

I'm using Cascade 220 - it's a purpley-green. I love this shade - my mom commented on it when I used it to make a Sophie bag over the summer. So, she's the intended recipient of this scarf - birthday or christmas, I don't quite know.


100 Things About Me

I've decided that while you all patiently wait for my next knitting post I would work on one of those "100 Things About Me" list. I think I can come up with that.
1. My name is Becca.
2. I'm left-handed.
3. I cut right-handed though.
4. I've always been crafty.
5. I doodle more than I draw, but I enjoy it all the same.
6. Beading used to be my crafty outlet, but knitting has totally consumed me.
7. I taught myself how to knit left-handed.
8. My first project was an afghan - Red Heart Maroon.
9. I now hate Red Heart's Maroon colored yarn.
10. I am a science nerd.
11. My academic background is in environmental chemistry.
12. I was supposed to be an environmental chemist.
13. I even went to grad school for my masters in environmental chemistry.
14. Grad school completely burnt me out.
15. I became a science teacher.
16. I teach science to 5, 6, 7, and 8th graders.
17. I am having a lot of fun being a teacher.
18. I like being in charge.
19. It appeals to my bossy side.
20. I have a rather large frog collection.
21. I adore the rainforest poison dart frogs the most.
22. I think the muppets are hysterical.
23. Favorite muppets include: Kermit, Pepe, Beaker & Bunsen, and the Electric Mayhem Band members.
24. My favorite actor is John Cusack.
25. I will also see just about anything with Brad Pitt, Ed Norton or Heath Ledger.
26. My favorite movie is "Singin' in the Rain."
27. I did tech crew in high school and college theatre.
28. I was a costume wench, and eventually the costume Goddess.
29. I did very little acting, but when I did I was good!
30. I have 2 younger brothers.
31. They also did theatre, but more performance than crew.
32. I love watching "I Love Lucy" reruns.
33. I can't get enough of "Gilmore Girls".
34. I enjoy watching Survivor and The Apprentice.
35. My favorite food is mashed potatoes.
36. I have a massive sweet tooth.
37. For me sweets / candy = high-octance sugar stuff (jelly beans, mike and ikes, jolly ranchers, smarties) - not chocolate.
38. I do love chocolate too!
39. The book "Candy & Me: A Love Story" means a lot to me!
40. My favorite author is Jennifer Weiner (Little Earthquakes, Good in Bed, In Her Shoes)
41. I dabble in photography.
42. I have a 35mm automatic camera, an SLR camera (my baby), an I-Zone camera, and a 600-speed polaroid.
43. There is also a camera feature on my pda.
44. I have been using a computer since I was 5 years old.
45. Some days I wonder if I should have studied computer science / web design.
46. In graduate school I used an electron microscope to photograph pollen and dirt particles on the surface of oak leaves.
47. I'm getting married on November 26, 2004.
48. My fiance and I have been dating since the end of high school (Class of 1996)
49. I don't have any pets, yet, at home.
50. I do have a pet in my classroom.
51. It's a betta fish, and he is named Louis (after L. Pasteur)
52. I love all kinds of music.
53. I love going to concerts.
54. Top favorites musically: Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Indigo Girls, and Tori Amos.
55. I do love oldies, classic rock, hip-hop, classical, acapella, alternative and dance.
56. I absolutely adore 80s retro music.
57. I am pretty good when it comes to trivia.
58. I am a fierce competitor.
59. Dan (my fiance) and I keep track of who wins Trivial Pursuit each time we play.
60. I love board games.
61. I love stickers.
62. I love snail mail.
63. The world needs more snail mail (excluding the bills)
64. I occasionally work part time in a small invitation / gift store in town. (On and Off since 1997)
65. They enabled my sticker and stationery collection to spiral wildly out of control.
66. I am a magazine whore - I love those slick glossy pages.
67. I even enjoy the alternative reads of Bitch once in a while.
68. My heroes include Rachel Carson and my grandparents.
69. After a discussion with my eighth graders I have also come to the conclusion that Einstein is my homeboy.
70. I have a hard time making decisions.
71. I require coffee on a daily basis.
72. In the evenings I am a tea drinker.
73. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be fruit salad.
74. I have been to London and look forward to when I can return.
75. I love going to the movies.
76. I drive a Ford Focus.
77. I love Hello Kitty.
78. My favorite colors are in the blue-green-purple hues.
#79 - #100 to be finished later....


Sheepy Things!

eep! jcrew sent me their catalog today - how much do I love the embroidered critter lounge pants / boxers?? Sheep & Dragonflies!!


New projects

In my mail pile was the latest Family Circle Easy Knitting. I am really taken by the first of the "Trimming" selections... I'm thinking maybe a blue on blue or brown / blue combo of yarn and trim? Hrm. That would be fun.

Also, it would take me four evers to even do a pillow, but how cute is the "Knitters" afghan?!

I finished my multi-directional scarf this weekend - gotta take a picture. I used Noro - love the color, but find it a little scratchy. Should be okay in the winter with a jacket...

Happy new week!
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