Secrets Revealed!

Life has gotten in the way of posting lately, but that's soon to change - especially as it's now the weekend, we were given Monday off from school, and Tuesday is a short day.

I've been working on my Irish-Hiking-Scarf KnitAlong.
I've been really drawn to the latest knitty suprise.
I've yet to order my pattern for the bear-along (hence the hesitation in posting the button of participation!!)
I've started glove #2 on the BroadStreet mittens that are a christmas gift.
My secret pal sent me a great package and I now know who she is!! Thank you (more descriptions / pictures to come)
And I've gotten a great ROAK of music mix CDs.

Life is good.

It is halloween weekend which means it's the time for scary movies. I saw the movie "SAW" last night. Oh my holy chickens. what a mind twist. gruesome and disturbing.

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