Fiber Godmother Q & A

Fiber Godmother Questionnaire (Round 2!)

General Fiber Questions answers:
My fiber related hobby is really just knitting. I keep telling myself I'll learn crochet and get around to embroidery, but so far that hasn't happened (and it isn't for lack of supplies!) I taught myself how to knit around 6 years ago. I'm still learning, but am comfortable with most things (socks, scarves, hats, gloves, dog sweaters, blankets, washcloths, easy lace, cables [if I pay attention!]) so I would consider myself intermediate, on the way to advanced.

My current fiber obsession is drooling over Ravelry and Cat Bordhi's latest book (which I have and adore). I really enjoy making socks and "quick fix" projects - like baby hats. Right now I'm working on several projects: baby blanket, baby hats, sweater, shrug, dog sweater...with many more things on my "to-make" list.

Other crafty adventures include photography - I just entered several photos into our local country fair.

About the fiber:
My favorite yarn is anything by Blue Sky Alpaca, especially organic cottons!
I absolutely do not like mohair or eyelash type yarn.
I've been quite taken with the idea of trying out Trekking sock yarn, louet gems,organic yarns, sheep shop... I'm open to new things.
I would say yes I am a yarn snob. I think it's important to use the nicest stuff you can.

About the tools:
Bamboo tools are my favorite, though I will use addi turbos and those are lovely too!
I mix up the needles I use depending on the project.

About you:
I do pamper myself, while I still can - my baby is due on Thanksgiving, so I expect the little one will be the pampered one.
Currently, many of my days / hours are ideal - knitting, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my dog, knitting while hubby plays video games.
I have seasonal allergies, but nothing that would affect knitting or swaps.
I am married, with one baby (we won't know the gender until everyone else does!) on the way. I am owned by Jackson, a 2 year old smooth mini dachshund.

I love colors in the purple-blues-greens shades, but I'm coming around on pinks, reds and good browns. I'm not a huge fan of white, yellow takes me some time to get used to. I like light florals, citrusy scents or "clean" scents - like fresh laundry!
Candy is wonderful. I love Mike & Ikes, Jelly Beans, gummy anything, bottle caps, skittles, reeses pieces... more sugar side of things than chocolate (though that's delicious too!)

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I do have an amazon.com wishlist - it's on the side of my blog. I generally blog about items I think are really neat / cool / would like to have, so please poke about! Yes, MP3s are doable, and my music tastes range all over. My favorite movies include John Cusack, the Muppets, Singin in the Rain, Rebel without a Cause...


Need Help reading pattern

for the "Tangled Yoke Cardigan" - I have been plotting this out very carefully on index cards so that I can mark them up / check off what's been done. In looking ahead, I'm not getting things to work out and just want to be sure I haven't missed anything.

Here's what I've done so far:
Cast-on 226 for the 38" size. Check.
Set-up row. Check.
Row 1 (RS). Check.
Row 2 (WS). Check.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 4 more times. Check. So that's 10 rows so far

Decrease row. Check. 226 - 4 = 222 sts, 11 rows done
Looking ahead, I get confused:
I'm starting to work the next seven rows even. That will make 18 rows done
Row 19 will be a decrease row (222-4 = 218sts)
Row 27 will be a decrease row (218-4 = 214sts)
Row 33 will be a decrease row (214-4 = 210sts)
Row 39 will be a decrease row (210-4 = 206sts)

But there's where I'm confused - the pattern at this point says "end with a WS row, 206 sts, 47 rows complete" = I'll have the right # of sts, but the wrong # of rows... What did I miss?

Not sure where to post this to on Ravelry yet, and I haven't gotten an invite to the knitalong. Any help is appreciated!!


Dogs on Thursday

I thought this was cool, Dogs on Thursday and have signed up for it - Jackson is often a part of my blog and I don't see that changing, so why not give him a day? Lord knows I take enough pictures of the little guy and that currently we spend an immense amount of time together.

The breeders from whom we adopted Jackson have updated their website, check it out! lynnesdoxieheaven.com. We love Lynne and Skip - our dog is great and we've met others from there as well, equally sweet, fit and friendly. Jackson is on their "adopted puppy" page - in a little red sweater (I didn't make it though).

Jackson had a trip to the vet this week. Routine, to update shots and stuff. He did have to have blood drawn. When he came back in the room I started laughing - he had a wee little bandage on his leg - it was only on for an hour or so. He walked about and kept shaking his leg - as if he could shake it off. Of course I had to get out the camera as soon as we got home!
Jackson & Bandage
Love that it had little blue paw prints on it!

If that was the worst of the vet visit I'll take it - he went into the vet office without barking!! If you've met Jackson (or any dachshund) this is HUGE! Of course he wanted out the whole time we were there, but he was quiet.

He's been so affectionate today - curled up in my lap, or on my side when I was laying on my side before - keeps going in for a kiss. Good boy!


Knitting FOs!

How in the world did it get to be September?? Not being in school (as a student or teacher) for only the second September that I remember is very very strange. I'm excited for fall, but in my head it still feels like July or early August!

The knitting front has been a bit slower, but still productive. I finished a pair of Carolina socks using yarn that a fellow LimeNViolet messageboarder sent me - german sock yarn rules!
Carolina Socks - FO!
Jackson is impressed, as always:
Carolina Socks
His expression in this one is better, but it came out blurry!

I've made 1.5 pairs of practice socks from Cat Bordhi's new book (which I'm in love with): Little Sky Socks:
Little Sky Socks - FO!
Little Coriolis (I don't know if I'll have enough to make it's pair)
Little Coriolis Sock - WIP

I've started the "Tangled Yoke Cardigan"
Tangled Yoke Cardigan - WIP
I've gotten through the first part of the garter rib repeats and am ready to start decreasing, but I've got questions - when I plan it out I'm off by 7 rows!?!? That's another post.

I've started "Miss Dashwood"
Miss Dashwood (WIP)

I've gotten back to work on the Big Bad Baby blanket, the Baby Surprise Jacket has stalled, and I'm about to start another pair of socks. Still haven't felted what needs felting. Jackson's zebra coat is slow going.

I'm struggling to pick green or orange for the baby's room - hopefully Dan will guide us to the right decision so I can get paint tomorrow and it can be painted on Friday. The baby's been kicking up a storm. :) I passed my glucose screen - so glad that I don't have to go back for the 3 hour test, but it was good knitting time!

Jackson's working hard in his obedience class. He's making progress, but some of the stuff I don't really care about - HEEL? for a dachshund? If I want him right next to me, I'm better off picking him up! Still good to work on following directions though. :)
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