Need Help reading pattern

for the "Tangled Yoke Cardigan" - I have been plotting this out very carefully on index cards so that I can mark them up / check off what's been done. In looking ahead, I'm not getting things to work out and just want to be sure I haven't missed anything.

Here's what I've done so far:
Cast-on 226 for the 38" size. Check.
Set-up row. Check.
Row 1 (RS). Check.
Row 2 (WS). Check.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 4 more times. Check. So that's 10 rows so far

Decrease row. Check. 226 - 4 = 222 sts, 11 rows done
Looking ahead, I get confused:
I'm starting to work the next seven rows even. That will make 18 rows done
Row 19 will be a decrease row (222-4 = 218sts)
Row 27 will be a decrease row (218-4 = 214sts)
Row 33 will be a decrease row (214-4 = 210sts)
Row 39 will be a decrease row (210-4 = 206sts)

But there's where I'm confused - the pattern at this point says "end with a WS row, 206 sts, 47 rows complete" = I'll have the right # of sts, but the wrong # of rows... What did I miss?

Not sure where to post this to on Ravelry yet, and I haven't gotten an invite to the knitalong. Any help is appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I guess my first question is, does it matter how many rows there are? I haven't started the pattern yet (just did my gauge swatch; I'll cast on this weekend) but I don't recall there being anything that seems terribly row-dependent. Well, except for maybe how many stitches you'll eventually need to pick up for the button band.

I will think about this some more, though. If you find an answer somewhere, do share!

Anonymous said...

Posted a comment on Ravelry for this. I got the totals to work out for the large and gave the medium a shot.

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