Startitis attacks

Why? Why did I just wind up the yarn for 4 projects? I've got that many projects on the needles already!! Because I am insane, apparently. Can I blame that on baby brain? Because it is also insane to think that I can actually get good knitting time in :) Not that I mind too much of course, Lorelai is so worth missing knitting, though I am making it work - ask Kelly - when we were out at Starbucks this week, Lorelai fell asleep on my lap and I knit to the side of her :) Make it work, to quote Tim Gunn.

Currently, I'm working on Brigid socks for me, the Amelie dress still needs seaming / decoration, I've decided to knit bunny cozies as place settings for Easter, I'm ready to cast on Mingus socks, and Nutkin socks, and for Malabrigo March I'm going to make Tudora (for me) and the Obi Scarf (for my mom I think...).

I did send in my resume for the job - it's at the new science museum. I've been talking about this for at least a year and didn't even know if a job like this existed. I am so glad that it does, and I want this job - even out of curiousity for the experience of it all. Many more details are needed - hours? pay? It's gotta be worth it to haul up to Hartford daily and leave the little one.

Speaking of leaving her, my MIL called the other day to tell me she wanted to be a part of the babysitters club and that she has lots of experience babysitting - guess she misses her granddaughter! She did raise two fine gentlemen, so I'm certain she knows a thing or two about kids... Anyway, we jumped on that opportunity and made a date night - Saturday we're going out for dinner. I finally will get to have my favorite drink - margarita!!! Yummy!

February 101 List Update

So many things "in progress"...Refreshing the memory...
Original Blog Post here, Updates: January
Day Zero, Home of 101/1001 Project
The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

In progress

3. Declutter: sell or give-away 101 material items I own (1/101)
10. Submit my resume to the new science museum. **Complete: 2/27/08**
15. Photograph Lorelai on the 30th of each month (2/33)
16. Cook one new recipe a month (3/33)
**"Chicken Bruschetta Bake" from the Stove Top Stuffing Mix Box. Just ok.**
**"Curried Lamb" from Woman's Day Magazine, crock-pot recipe. Bland.**
**"Stuffed Pepper Soup" copycat recipe of 99 restuarant recipe. Burnt the soup. Ick.**
17. Drink 2-3 Liters of water a day.
20. Knit 30 socks (15 pairs) (4/30)
**Bartholomew's Sock #1 done 1/21/08**
**Bartholomew's Sock #2 done 2/4/08**
**Lenore Socks #1 & #2 done in 10 days! 2/14/08**
22. Knit two mitered squares a month. (4/66)
24. Update the blog once a week for a year. (6/52)
26. Use "the baby" SLR and shoot one roll of film every month (2/33)
27. Floss twice a week (5/286)
31. Start doing yoga once a week, build up to three times a week.
32. Take Jackson for a walk daily, weather permitting. (Let's face it, he's a dachshund and doesn't fare well in cold, wet, or snow)
33. Save $1 for every item completed from this list.
35. Read 10 books. (3/10)
**1) The Good Good Pig
**2) The Memory Keeper's Daughter
**3) The Tender Bar
36. Create a coordinated Halloween costume for Lorelai and Jackson.
38. Clean out and organize the junk drawers in the kitchen (1/2)
39. Write recipes on recipe cards as needed. No more torn out from magazine papers!
40. Send the grandparents a card / Lorelai photo once a month (3/33)
41. Post an Update of my 101 each month (2/33)
45. Read "The Killer Angels". OMG, how I hate this one. I can't get into this book at all!!
46. Try out peapod or other online grocery service.Complete: 1/2/08
48. Clean out email inbox and maintain so there's never more than 100 messages in there at a time.
50. Buy 5 gifts from etsy.com each year (1/15)
**PrettyInPosies hair clips for Lorelai**
52. Get back in shape to fit into my regular non-maternity clothes.
55. Get back to at least my prepregnancy weight (minus an extra 5 - 7 pounds)
**As of 1/11/08 I'm down 28 pounds! 13 more to go to get to pre-preg.wt**
56. Buy a scale to keep an eye on #55.Complete: 1/15/08
58. Complete 20 projects using stash yarn (2/20)
**1) Snowman Hat 2)Bunny Cozies
59. Knit 30 baby hats for charity, donate in Lorelai's name. (1/30)
61. Make photocards for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving on home computer.
70. Listen to 8 audio-books. (0/8)
**1) Microthrills by Wendy Spero (love it!) in progress
73. Knit three projects from each knitting book I own.
**Itty Bitty Hats a)Snowman Hat b)Bunny Tails Hat
74. Join a local mom+baby group.
**Does Gymboree count? Went to class on 1/9/08, plan to keep going**
**Found a local group - much better in terms of time and location!**
75. Copy the phone numbers in my cell phone into my paper address book. **Complete when I got the iphone: 2/17/08
76. Reinstall itunes.Complete: 1/3/2008
77. Expose myself to new music: Listen to one new artist a week (3/143)
78. See if the nerds / geeks can rescue the data from the Dell hard drive.
79. Get back on birth control. completed 1/13/08
80. Write a letter a month (2/33)
85. Go to one SnB meetup a month (3/33)
88. Reorganize cosmetics / lotions / soaps / etc in bathroom.
89. Improve cleaning efforts - once a week: kitchen floor, bathroom, dust. (1/143)
90. Answer questions that are asked (yes or no! not my own answer)
91. Attempt to lessen the carbon footprint of this household.
94. Use the canvas / knit bags not plastic when shopping.
97. Read more than just the Art section of the New York Times Weekend Edition (\2\4/143)
100. Eat out at 5 new restaurants (1/5)
**The Time Out Tavern, Durham, CT
101. Smile everyday. Be a good example / role model for my daughter. Be a good wife to my husband.

Hey! 3 Months!

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Who can hardly believe that Lorelai is 3 months old already?! The time is flying and I just can't get over how different she is every day! Each day there's something new to either learn from her or observe that she has learned. Dan and I both melt when she gives us that silly happy gummy smile. Right now her "favorite" song is the alphabet song - she'll make noises when I sing to her and move her mouth too (imitating me? trying on her own to do it? either way, fascinating!) She swats at toys that hang down on her gym, sticks her tongue out frequently and has been scooting around her crib - several times in the morning I'll find her down in the corner! Love ya baby!


Big ventures

I made a podcast! Check it out:
Dog, Diapers & DPNS.
For now you should be able to get to the podcast through the website... waiting on submission to itunes.

Also, a lot sooner than I thought, there is a job opportunity on the horizon - have to submit my resume and stuff, but I really think this job could be great! It's still a big what if, but I have to apply anyway... I've been dreaming about this job for a year!


Watch out Project Runway

My baby is fierce! Doesn't her hair look like Christian's?

Anyway, she's ready to strut her stuff in her new pants! Dan was quite polite about my interest in making these - he questions "Why do babies need pants?" each time I dress her in a non-onesie-zip-up-sleep-and-play outfit. Baby Bell Bottoms by Alison. I gave up on the braided cord and just added a button, sewn to the elastic. Cute and simple! And they fit (for the moment - I made the 6 month size. We'll get a few wears out of them!)
New Pants!

Jackson didn't want to be left out, though I suspect he was quite happy to not have to model the finished object!
I'm in the photo too!

I also found a tomato hat that I forgot I had made back in the fall. It just fits her head! I'll have to make more for the spring - cotton would be ok then.
Fruit Hat


Swatches & Socks & "Sweats" oh my!

A few days later than I intended, but that's life.

I finished my "Lenore" socks! 10 days, baby! How wonderful is that? I'm so glad that I stuck with it past the fiddly purls and yarn-overs in the beginning part of the lace pattern. This was also my first time to knit with Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club yarn, love it. I am a little concerned with the dye coming off on my hands and needles while I knit, hopefully not too much will come off when I wear them.

I swatched! I'm very excited for this project - full of glee for "Glee" from Zephyr Girls - the yarn is elspeth lavold silky wool is a dusty rose color. I haven't checked the gauge of the swatch yet, but the swatch is there. I didn't realize when I bought the yarn for "Glee" that the week before I had bought the same yarn, the exact same color for a project for L.! Mommy & Me project? Not quite, though I would love to have adult sized garments of many of her clothes!
Glee swatch

I'm also working on a pair of "Baby Bell Bottoms" for L. I was inspired by another knitter on ravelry who used 2 skeins of Koigu and got the 3-6 month size. I have 2 skeins of Koigu in my stash... and so I cast on. One leg is done and the second leg is started. It's a great purpley-pink colorway. These will be cute little sweat pants.
Baby Bell Bottoms WIP

That makes me happy on this gray, rainy day, surrounded by spit up. Dan was sick all night and called in to work today. He's down and out. Poor guy. And Lorelai is a spit up machine, but she seems to think it is funny.

This photo is from Friday - gotta clean up that mirror!
Checking you out


Survivor Job

One of the fans on Survivor is an "Ice Cream Scooper"...
Dude, if I'm ever on survivor I want my "title / job" to read KNITTER.

And Lost? Oh Hurley. Oh Sayid.
I love this messed up show.


Podcast Feelers

A certain someone has planted the seed in my brain that I should do a podcast. Well, the seed has sprouted and I'm seriously considering it. By my figuring, I could talk about being a new mom, the baby, the dog, and knitting of course, along with the random assorted other things I'm into: environmental stuff, movies, photography, the internet, cooking, etc. Is that interesting? I mean I listen to several podcasts that are certainly just that. I really think I want to give it a try. I'm lurking through the forums on ravelry related to podcasting... Thoughts on the idea? Anything in particular I should talk about, what are you looking for in a podcast? This is all still very much in the planning phases.

I know I want to talk about Hats, Socks, Stash, ravelry, blogs, my inspirations...

I think I could use music to break the podcast into segments, so people could skip over the baby talk if they weren't interested. I'm thinking that I would have a "project status" sort of segment, a baby segment, a dog segment, and "potpourri" segment(popculture, cooking, candy, memes)..

As for names I need help - I thought of "Knitting at Naptime", but today while knitting with the certain someone we both liked "Dog, Diapers and DPNs"... Trying to be clever and Gilmore Girlish with out being annoying. My head spins with the ideas...

I'm equally excited and nervous about the idea. Curious about the whole thing anyway.

Pucker up!

Pucker up!
Originally uploaded by nutmegknitter
Happy Valentine's Day! We had a little photo shoot yesterday in this semi-valentines-y outfit. It might have been a longer shoot had it not been followed by a sideways diaper explosion. (How does she do that?). There is knitting to blog about - my love for Lenores, a swatch (hopefully), and new projects! More pictures and posts later.


Did you sign up your baby to knit?

One of the programs offered at the local library is a "New Knitting Club". Here's the description: >>For mothers & daughters, anyone who enjoys knitting. Sit and knit, share yarn and ideas in a comfy corner of the children's room. For all ages.<<

So, I sign up and on the sign up sheet there is a space for your child's name / age. I put down Lorelai (Baby). Because, well, that's what she is!

I just got off the phone with the library. They called and immediately asked, "Did you sign up your baby to knit?" I told her yes, I am interested in coming by and knitting and was is supposed to be just for kids? Because the flier says "All ages."

So I can hear her ask someone else in the background "It's an adult who just wants to come and knit, can she? Oh okay." and then back to me, "Why sure, maybe you can help out."

Um, I don't mind helping out, but I signed up to knit and I will have my child in attendance. And isn't she jumping to conclusions that Lorelai doesn't knit? She's been to several knitting meetups. Photographic evidence:
It's in the interest of her own safety that I help guide those needle points! Sheesh.

I think I might only attend the first knitting club at the library... Maybe though this will show them that there are local adults interested in knitting groups!

And we're soon to be a family of knitters - I taught Dan the basics yesterday of cast-on and knitting. He's working on a coaster. He's working very hard, putting lots of concentration into it. He asks a lot of "WHY?" questions - I'll have to remind him that with knitting sometimes you just DO, just go with it and worry about the WHY later. I have photos of him knitting as well, but we'll give him his own post once the coaster is done!


5 Songs that...

In blog surfing this morning I came across Alex Year One and couldn't resist a "5 songs" list. So, a day late, here's my 5 songs that remind me of high school.

The Indigo Girls - Closer to Fine

Betsy introduced me to The Girls, we skipped out on a rehearsal to go to a concert and since then The Girls have kept returning to provide the soundtrack at key points in my life. OMG - now it is playing on the tv alternative station....can't escape Emily and Amy - they know...

Melissa Etheridge - Yes I Am

Power anthem....even now

Dave Matthew Band - Satellite

One of the first CD's I owned....

Barenaked Ladies - Old Apartment

Another group I learned about through Betsy, and it's been a love affair ever since. They are quirky snd catchy.

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

reminds me of my first boyfriend. haunting.

I still love all these songs....


Quickest Sock Ever?

On Monday night I finished up my Bartholmew Socks and immediately cast on for "Lenore" - this was from the 2007 Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club - a first peek at the Raven series to come. The pattern was designed by the Yarn Harlot. When I started I nearly gave up - the top part is a fiddly sort of lace and I wasn't really digging it. But I had the top / cuff done over two nights, the leg done in another day, turned the heel while out with mad-knitter, furiously knit during Survivor (what the hell is up with Johnny Fairplay? so bogus.) and Lost (where to begin), and last night while watching "The Invasion" I finished the toe! A sock done, Monday night to Friday night? New record for me.
Lenore Sock#1
I love this sock. First time knitting with Blue Moon yarn - it rocks. Love the yarn, even Dan commented on it! Must cast on the second one!


Mew, not MULE! And a bunny.

I'm so excited to have finished a pair of socks - it feels like forever! I started these socks back in September and kindof just lost steam with them. But they are done (and I immediately cast on for "Lenore"). For whatever reason I'm having trouble saying "Bartholomew's Socks" - in my head I keep hearing "Bartholomule's socks" Oh well. I'm still in love with Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book and will keep knitting socks from there, but I'm going to take a break from it. I want to get the book spiral bound to make it lay flat a bit easier.
Bartholomew Socks #1
They are quite comfy, the heel is snug, and I'm looking forward to wearing them.

Also finished is the "Bunny Tails" hat from "Itty Bitty Knits" - I didn't do the tail, and honestly didn't really like this hat until I added the bits of ribbon at the base of the ears. That little touch really made a world of difference.
Bunny Hat
The yarn is Lousia Harding Kashmir Aran DK - I didn't quite use up the whole skein to make the 0-6 months size, and I have one more ball. Nice to knit with.

Today while trying to clip Lorelai's nails I nicked her thumb - not fun! Can't really put a band-aid on it... the way she usually holds her hands is the thumb inside her fist, so there's pressure applied. We head to the Drs tonight for a check up and a full set of shots. That should be interesting - hopefully it will be smooth.
Give Life, Donate Blood