Mew, not MULE! And a bunny.

I'm so excited to have finished a pair of socks - it feels like forever! I started these socks back in September and kindof just lost steam with them. But they are done (and I immediately cast on for "Lenore"). For whatever reason I'm having trouble saying "Bartholomew's Socks" - in my head I keep hearing "Bartholomule's socks" Oh well. I'm still in love with Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book and will keep knitting socks from there, but I'm going to take a break from it. I want to get the book spiral bound to make it lay flat a bit easier.
Bartholomew Socks #1
They are quite comfy, the heel is snug, and I'm looking forward to wearing them.

Also finished is the "Bunny Tails" hat from "Itty Bitty Knits" - I didn't do the tail, and honestly didn't really like this hat until I added the bits of ribbon at the base of the ears. That little touch really made a world of difference.
Bunny Hat
The yarn is Lousia Harding Kashmir Aran DK - I didn't quite use up the whole skein to make the 0-6 months size, and I have one more ball. Nice to knit with.

Today while trying to clip Lorelai's nails I nicked her thumb - not fun! Can't really put a band-aid on it... the way she usually holds her hands is the thumb inside her fist, so there's pressure applied. We head to the Drs tonight for a check up and a full set of shots. That should be interesting - hopefully it will be smooth.


theatreknitter said...

I picked up a parents magazine today while I was at the Drs, and it mentioned cutting the babies finger nails, and someone brought up biting them off !!!!!! Good luck with the shots today. Hope everyone handles them okay.

The hat is great.

Rebecca said...

Awwww...cute bunny hat! Your baby is really growing in leaps and bounds.

I am getting ready to knit one of those new sock architecture socks for Sockdown Ravelry. At least, I 'think' yours is one of those from Cat Bordhi's book. I'm glad to hear that they fit well.

Hunny said...

I have nipped my daughters' fingers a few times. It is not pretty. But I read something that helped. When you are cutting her nails push back the skin of her fingers. It helps expose more of the nail and skin is out of the way. Hope it helps you too.

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