Did you sign up your baby to knit?

One of the programs offered at the local library is a "New Knitting Club". Here's the description: >>For mothers & daughters, anyone who enjoys knitting. Sit and knit, share yarn and ideas in a comfy corner of the children's room. For all ages.<<

So, I sign up and on the sign up sheet there is a space for your child's name / age. I put down Lorelai (Baby). Because, well, that's what she is!

I just got off the phone with the library. They called and immediately asked, "Did you sign up your baby to knit?" I told her yes, I am interested in coming by and knitting and was is supposed to be just for kids? Because the flier says "All ages."

So I can hear her ask someone else in the background "It's an adult who just wants to come and knit, can she? Oh okay." and then back to me, "Why sure, maybe you can help out."

Um, I don't mind helping out, but I signed up to knit and I will have my child in attendance. And isn't she jumping to conclusions that Lorelai doesn't knit? She's been to several knitting meetups. Photographic evidence:
It's in the interest of her own safety that I help guide those needle points! Sheesh.

I think I might only attend the first knitting club at the library... Maybe though this will show them that there are local adults interested in knitting groups!

And we're soon to be a family of knitters - I taught Dan the basics yesterday of cast-on and knitting. He's working on a coaster. He's working very hard, putting lots of concentration into it. He asks a lot of "WHY?" questions - I'll have to remind him that with knitting sometimes you just DO, just go with it and worry about the WHY later. I have photos of him knitting as well, but we'll give him his own post once the coaster is done!


mad knitter said...

You go girl!!! You should come to *every* one of those sessions!!! You have to be a knitting role model for all these kids! I see no issue at all with you coming with your baby...they ask us to come in to *read* with our babies, don't they????

Looking forward to knitting with Lorelai tomorrow!

theatreknitter said...

Yay Dan!!! I could loan him my copy of Zen and the art of knitting. THe might get rid of his "whys"

Ibunnysavetroy said...

aww, lorelai is soo cute knitting! and why does it matter if you want to come to the meet up - you're raising the future generation of knitting!

Jen said...

I think I'm going to have to come over and have you teach me how to knit! I really want to learn and seeing as you have that "teaching" mentality you might be able to teach me :) I'm coming home for a few days over break so I'll let you know :) *smooch*

Paula said...

Oh yes! Teach em young!

By the way I really like the bunny hat she had on in the previous post and your knitted socks are nice!

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