February 101 List Update

So many things "in progress"...Refreshing the memory...
Original Blog Post here, Updates: January
Day Zero, Home of 101/1001 Project
The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

In progress

3. Declutter: sell or give-away 101 material items I own (1/101)
10. Submit my resume to the new science museum. **Complete: 2/27/08**
15. Photograph Lorelai on the 30th of each month (2/33)
16. Cook one new recipe a month (3/33)
**"Chicken Bruschetta Bake" from the Stove Top Stuffing Mix Box. Just ok.**
**"Curried Lamb" from Woman's Day Magazine, crock-pot recipe. Bland.**
**"Stuffed Pepper Soup" copycat recipe of 99 restuarant recipe. Burnt the soup. Ick.**
17. Drink 2-3 Liters of water a day.
20. Knit 30 socks (15 pairs) (4/30)
**Bartholomew's Sock #1 done 1/21/08**
**Bartholomew's Sock #2 done 2/4/08**
**Lenore Socks #1 & #2 done in 10 days! 2/14/08**
22. Knit two mitered squares a month. (4/66)
24. Update the blog once a week for a year. (6/52)
26. Use "the baby" SLR and shoot one roll of film every month (2/33)
27. Floss twice a week (5/286)
31. Start doing yoga once a week, build up to three times a week.
32. Take Jackson for a walk daily, weather permitting. (Let's face it, he's a dachshund and doesn't fare well in cold, wet, or snow)
33. Save $1 for every item completed from this list.
35. Read 10 books. (3/10)
**1) The Good Good Pig
**2) The Memory Keeper's Daughter
**3) The Tender Bar
36. Create a coordinated Halloween costume for Lorelai and Jackson.
38. Clean out and organize the junk drawers in the kitchen (1/2)
39. Write recipes on recipe cards as needed. No more torn out from magazine papers!
40. Send the grandparents a card / Lorelai photo once a month (3/33)
41. Post an Update of my 101 each month (2/33)
45. Read "The Killer Angels". OMG, how I hate this one. I can't get into this book at all!!
46. Try out peapod or other online grocery service.Complete: 1/2/08
48. Clean out email inbox and maintain so there's never more than 100 messages in there at a time.
50. Buy 5 gifts from etsy.com each year (1/15)
**PrettyInPosies hair clips for Lorelai**
52. Get back in shape to fit into my regular non-maternity clothes.
55. Get back to at least my prepregnancy weight (minus an extra 5 - 7 pounds)
**As of 1/11/08 I'm down 28 pounds! 13 more to go to get to pre-preg.wt**
56. Buy a scale to keep an eye on #55.Complete: 1/15/08
58. Complete 20 projects using stash yarn (2/20)
**1) Snowman Hat 2)Bunny Cozies
59. Knit 30 baby hats for charity, donate in Lorelai's name. (1/30)
61. Make photocards for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving on home computer.
70. Listen to 8 audio-books. (0/8)
**1) Microthrills by Wendy Spero (love it!) in progress
73. Knit three projects from each knitting book I own.
**Itty Bitty Hats a)Snowman Hat b)Bunny Tails Hat
74. Join a local mom+baby group.
**Does Gymboree count? Went to class on 1/9/08, plan to keep going**
**Found a local group - much better in terms of time and location!**
75. Copy the phone numbers in my cell phone into my paper address book. **Complete when I got the iphone: 2/17/08
76. Reinstall itunes.Complete: 1/3/2008
77. Expose myself to new music: Listen to one new artist a week (3/143)
78. See if the nerds / geeks can rescue the data from the Dell hard drive.
79. Get back on birth control. completed 1/13/08
80. Write a letter a month (2/33)
85. Go to one SnB meetup a month (3/33)
88. Reorganize cosmetics / lotions / soaps / etc in bathroom.
89. Improve cleaning efforts - once a week: kitchen floor, bathroom, dust. (1/143)
90. Answer questions that are asked (yes or no! not my own answer)
91. Attempt to lessen the carbon footprint of this household.
94. Use the canvas / knit bags not plastic when shopping.
97. Read more than just the Art section of the New York Times Weekend Edition (\2\4/143)
100. Eat out at 5 new restaurants (1/5)
**The Time Out Tavern, Durham, CT
101. Smile everyday. Be a good example / role model for my daughter. Be a good wife to my husband.

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theatreknitter said...

Time out is great! I am surprised you guys just discovered it. NEVER skip desert, it is fantastic.

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