Hey! 3 Months!

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Who can hardly believe that Lorelai is 3 months old already?! The time is flying and I just can't get over how different she is every day! Each day there's something new to either learn from her or observe that she has learned. Dan and I both melt when she gives us that silly happy gummy smile. Right now her "favorite" song is the alphabet song - she'll make noises when I sing to her and move her mouth too (imitating me? trying on her own to do it? either way, fascinating!) She swats at toys that hang down on her gym, sticks her tongue out frequently and has been scooting around her crib - several times in the morning I'll find her down in the corner! Love ya baby!


Julie said...

Oh she's adorable! Love that hair :)

Don't blink! Next thing you know she'll be graduating college like my oldest, oi. How the heck did that happen so fast?

theatreknitter said...

You are an amazing mom to keep track of all of those little moments. You are so lucky to have your little one every day.
I miss you guys.

mad knitter said...

She is a cutie! And getting so big!!! I love that pic :).

dawn224 said...

She's beautiful! I love her hair - she's the first baby I've seen who has more than my Alex at that age :)

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