FO! Scarf #2 and projects

I cast off last night and wove the ends in this morning on this:

It's Li's Reversible Herringbone Rib Scarf - it was a quick knit, once I figured out the pattern and kept it straight in my head. I used 2 balls of Berroco Foliage - love the colors - the red is truly flaming, it almost overshadows the other great colors - yellow, green, purple. It's very spring like, I like it alot.

I went to Yarns Down Under to spend my gift certificate - I finished getting the yarn that I need to do the Flower blanket, the yarn (and beads!) to do odessa, the yarn to do the Wobbly Tote KAL, and the yarn to do Spork, a felted courier bag. I also picked up One Skein - can't resist the baby bibs, hat, bolero, bags and the cupcakes!!!

I had the brilliant brainstorm today too that i could do the knitted felted hearts from the Knitting-Pattern-a-Day calendar in green and sew 3 or 4 together to make clovers for St. Patricks Day.

I think I'll also use some of the Berroco Pleasure that I now have so much of to make the Hourglass Sweater from LMKG (she did, it looks so good!)

I now have more than enough to work on for the rest of the year~!


D is for / Catch-Up

D is for Dachshund of course!

Jackson loves coffee. At least, he thinks he does. We don't actually pour him a cup of java in the mornings. I love this little mug - it has a cartoon on the front by Gary Larson that says "While their owners sleep, nervous little dogs prepare for their day". Perfect.

D is also for dishes - I picked up these little rice bowls at the local health food place - so cute inside and out!

In knitting, my jaywalkers are a bust -

I love love love this yarn (Sockotta, a new stripes colorway), but I can't get the sock up over my heel. I went up a needle size and knit with the smaller cast on # and it's just not right. Groan. I think it's back to the books for now and work back up to it. In the meantime, I'm holding off on socks for a while.

My booga bag needs to be felted:

Hopefully after I'm done posting this.

February vacation is this week, and boy is it needed! I'm hoping to knit (and sew!) and knit and knit. And shop. Dan got me a gift certificate to Yarns Down Under for Valentine's Day - how awesome is that? And I'm looking into taking a class at sit-n-knit, along with attending the CT Flower Show - this week is going to fly by!


Mellow SP Thank You!

I'm belated in this thank you post - on saturday I got a package from Sweden!! - first off, it's covered in stamps - I am such a geek - I had a huge collection when I was younger. I especially noticed the stamps of forest animals because we were watching Grizzly Man (pretty good by the way). Inside this package were two skeins of yarn - a cobalty-blue-purple and a royal blue - they are so pretty!! The website on the label is here - cute site, I love the little hedgehog! The colors are stunning and they are so soft - but, mellow pal - help me out - what's the guage? yardage? could I use it to make the odessa hat in magknits? There was also a beautiful little crochet decoration too - you're very talented!! Thank you again! I look forward to using this yarn!


Random Bits

My parents are off to Africa - Kilimanjaro (Take two) - and so far, no one has gotten sick or died like last year, so already it is a plus. They're out and about until Feb. 20. Nearly unbelievable - so I sit here, do my thing, knit a bit and think good thoughts.

I've been working on jaywalkers with Sockotta (#621 - blue / green / gold-ish / black-ish stripes) - so far so good.

I found the new Magknits today - holy cow, it's great! I love love love Odessa, and the sushi, and the ziggy scarf...

I also joined Sew? I Knit! because it seems like the right motivator to get me learning / using the sewing machine. How hard can a skirt be really? (Famous last words I'm sure...)

We watched the 40 Year Old Virgin lasst night - funny, cute.

I was able to finish 95% of my lesson plans this week while at school - that opens up lots of knitting / crafty time this weekend!
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