Mellow SP Thank You!

I'm belated in this thank you post - on saturday I got a package from Sweden!! - first off, it's covered in stamps - I am such a geek - I had a huge collection when I was younger. I especially noticed the stamps of forest animals because we were watching Grizzly Man (pretty good by the way). Inside this package were two skeins of yarn - a cobalty-blue-purple and a royal blue - they are so pretty!! The website on the label is here - cute site, I love the little hedgehog! The colors are stunning and they are so soft - but, mellow pal - help me out - what's the guage? yardage? could I use it to make the odessa hat in magknits? There was also a beautiful little crochet decoration too - you're very talented!! Thank you again! I look forward to using this yarn!

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amanda said...

Hey Becca! If you have a ruler you can get the WPI to help figure out gauge. I think there is a recent article from Knitter's Review that discusses this and might be a helpful resource :O)

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