D is for / Catch-Up

D is for Dachshund of course!

Jackson loves coffee. At least, he thinks he does. We don't actually pour him a cup of java in the mornings. I love this little mug - it has a cartoon on the front by Gary Larson that says "While their owners sleep, nervous little dogs prepare for their day". Perfect.

D is also for dishes - I picked up these little rice bowls at the local health food place - so cute inside and out!

In knitting, my jaywalkers are a bust -

I love love love this yarn (Sockotta, a new stripes colorway), but I can't get the sock up over my heel. I went up a needle size and knit with the smaller cast on # and it's just not right. Groan. I think it's back to the books for now and work back up to it. In the meantime, I'm holding off on socks for a while.

My booga bag needs to be felted:

Hopefully after I'm done posting this.

February vacation is this week, and boy is it needed! I'm hoping to knit (and sew!) and knit and knit. And shop. Dan got me a gift certificate to Yarns Down Under for Valentine's Day - how awesome is that? And I'm looking into taking a class at sit-n-knit, along with attending the CT Flower Show - this week is going to fly by!


Heide said...

Oooooh, I didn't know about the CT Garden and Flower thingy... Looks very cool, I think we'll try to go next weekend. We're going to attempt a veggie garden this year, I'm so excited for free produce!

amanda said...

Love those little dishes! They are absolutely adorable :O)

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