Year-End Wrap Up And Other Thoughts

I know the year is coming to an end - I'm even looking forward to attending it's farewell party at my brother's in NY city on Friday - but some people are just getting too much of a jump on the new year. My latest magazines are February issues! And at Stop-and-Shop, the valentine's day candy is already being put out!! I feel behind because I'm only thinking about New Year's resolutions and sales at the mall / stores!

I had a thought last night, that I mentioned to Dan, as a possible New Year's Resolution: Not to buy any yarn this new year, to only knit from what I have, but if it was absolutely neccessary to purchase an emergency skein to do only that, if as a gift for a secret pal... I suppose that's the ultimate yarn diet... While there's nothing wrong with purchasing the pretty yarn, "for something special, I just don't know what yet" I have limited resources and space. I did mention to him that if I did do that, I would have to be rewarded with quite the yarn spree :) Today I'm thinking I might go through my stash and sort / assign what I've got with what I'd like to make...

And while I'm thinking about that, wouldn't I love to try my hand at the designs in the Donnelly sweater - I'm nowhere near ready to try a cable aran sweater (I managed my Irish Hiking Scarf, but that's all), but maybe as a pillow or something... I've got some Donnelly blood in my veins.

But that's on top of all the other dumb errands I have to squeeze in today / tomorrow - get the stuff done now that I can't while school is in session. And I'm trying to get the month of January done in terms of lesson plans. January already feels shot - we've got a dinner date with friends the next weekend, a family visit the weekend after that, take down the Christmas ornaments, restore order to the apartment, SuperBowl... Maybe some valentine's candy would help :)

In my actual knitting, I finished one sock the other day and got through the leg of #2 last night, I think I can get the heel turned tonight. Pictures will come back, just have to charge the gizmo.



This holiday season was different for me for a lot of reasons - waking up without my family was one. But I loved waking up with Dan. We split up the families - saw my mom's side on Christmas Eve and Dan's mom's side on Christmas Day, then saw my Dad's folks at my parents house Christmas Night. Worked out well. The only snag is that I have somehow caught a cold. I know it's from one of the school kids I just don't know which one. Little stinkers and I did a big lesson on handwashing / not getting sick with them too. Oh well. I've been on the couch all day and Dan's been making me lots of tea, bringing tissues, etc. I hope he doesn't catch this.

My knitted gifts were a big hit - my secret santa at work loved the knitted flower washcloth, my mom loved my Irish Hiking Scarf, and my brother fit the Broad Street Mittens from knitty.com like a glove!!

Because of the cold (it's a doozy) I've been too achey to knit, but I'm feeling slightly better now. I'm thinking I'll pop Shrek2 in and knit something. I've got a sock that is almost up to the toe (maybe 1 - 1.5 inch), I started a scarf with some yarn from my SKP2, I've got the purple sweater that if it ever actually ends up a sweater I'll be amazed, a pillow for Dan, and a glove for Dan. These are things on the needles. But of course, I want to start something NEW :) Maybe in the upcoming year I'll be more organized with the knitting projects...


Returned, A Married Woman

The wedding was perfect! The honeymoon was beautiful - we went to San Fran, CA and Hawai'i ~ It was like right out of a movie!! And I adore being married to my husband - it still seems a little surreal, but it's wonderful!!

That's my husband!! His college roomate and me. I don't have a good picture of the back online - it was a corset!! Oh wait - here, from the designer's site :

I was able to knit without any problems at the airports, in the airplanes, a little bit by the pool, and each night before bed. I have 99% finished the Stitch Diva poncho - just have to make the cords. It's curling a bit - can you block somethign like this? I don't know how much I'll actually wear it, and I may even leave off the cords...

I've got just a bit left on the Broad Street Mittens for Brother#1. I should be able to take care of that today. As well as a flower washcloth that I want to make as a secret santa gift for work. And tonight I think I'm going to an actual stitch-n-bitch!! yay!

And today continues to be wonderful - SNOW!! No school for this teacher :) It's nice to have the break (finish the knitting, plan the next projects, etc) but now I think I may have created a to-do list for myself that is too big: go get copies of the marriage license from town hall, go to the post office to change my address and send out RAOKs, go to the library, go get wedding photos reprinted / enlarged for wedding gifts, work on school goals / future lesson plans, laundry, ironing, clean the bathroom... It's all good though! Even if it's 9 degrees!


Somebody's Getting Married (No Knitting)

Thanksgiving, the wedding / part on friday. MY wedding - still seems surreal!

I've been driving my fiance crazy this week singing
"He'll make me happy
Each time I see him
He'll be the reason
My heart can sing
He'll stand beside me
And now I'm everything."

Miss Piggy's lines from the wedding at the end of my favorite movie - Muppets Take Manhattan.

Here's to many happy knits and purls!


Stress Therapy

So, the wedding is now less than a week away! eep! I go back and forth between wanting to scream and shout and shreik to being so overwhelmed with emotion that I'm speechless (in a good way of course).

I bought a yarn store gift certificate for my maid of honor today. And of course how could I pass up retail therapy for me? I needed needles anyway, and a round thread cutter for the plane, and I ended up buying 4 skeins of cascade quattro (I'm thinking fuzzy feet and a sophie bag) and 4 skeins of fiesta rayon boucle for the stitch diva poncho. Didn't realize that would be such a pretty penny, but I'm worth it.

I'm thinking I'll bring yarn for socks with me, as well as the poncho - it's made from the rayon boucle yarn, so it's not too bulky. At least, that's the plan now - I have to wind it into a ball before we leave...


Thinking About

I wonder if the yarn that my secret pal 2 sent would work out ok in this pattern:
Knit Poncho, Stitch Diva Studios... I'm not a big poncho person, but that might be cute...

I wonder what to bring with me on the plane. According to the Transportation Security Admission (pdf file) knitting needles are ok in carry-on and checked luggage... Maybe I'll get new bamboo circulars. I've learned how to do socks on two needles - do they even make bamboo circs that small? Socks are easy to transport... But a poncho would fill the time just right I think.

What sort of project would you bring?

I still haven't gotten my bobbi bear pattern... That might be a "ring in the new year" bear at this point.



Okay, we're just about at T minus 15 days till the wedding. I can't complain too much - our families get along, I've gotten pretty much everything I want and for the most part this whole process has been stress free. But now, I'm starting to do internal flip flops. I have a zillion things to do, and no time to do them in. Including knitting (wah.) I'm checking airlines though because I want to bring at least a sock or two to work on during the honeymoon flights.

And thanks to a fabulous RAOK by a person who's name escapes me at the moment, I have wonderful new sock yarn - it also came with candy (yummy) and a star shaped post it note pad!

I finished my mom's scarf. I started on a noro hat for me. I've yet to finish my brother's gloves. Dan's pillow. The purple sweater that will not end.

And in non-knitting content I've got sub work to prepare, lesson plans to write, grading a month long and report cards to ready. *whine*whimper*


SKP2 - Package!
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Wow! Thank you very very much to Joanne for being such a super secret knitting pal! So generous! The last package I received (last Wednesday, but I waited to reveal) included a new knitting book: Knitting on the Road: Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter, Burgis Brook Alpacas Soap (which I've been using - so yummy, and did you notice that they are from Guilford??!!), A mug with "Carpe-Yarn-em! (Seize the Yarn!), a bookmark "Needles, Yarn, Life Is Good!", and some scrumptious multi-colored Kid Boucle Autumn House Farm Yarn (350 yards.... what to make? scarf, socks, hat?? I need some ideas!!) Thank you thank you thank you! This was so much fun!

And today, I have off from school (professional development) - my fiance keeps telling me to Carpe- Yarn-em!! :)

My secret pal was Brooks - I hope you enjoyed the packages!

I wish I could be par-taking in SKP3, but life is so crazy now, that I think it's better if I wait until SKP4 and just play with RAOKs... Happy Monday!


Secrets Revealed!

Life has gotten in the way of posting lately, but that's soon to change - especially as it's now the weekend, we were given Monday off from school, and Tuesday is a short day.

I've been working on my Irish-Hiking-Scarf KnitAlong.
I've been really drawn to the latest knitty suprise.
I've yet to order my pattern for the bear-along (hence the hesitation in posting the button of participation!!)
I've started glove #2 on the BroadStreet mittens that are a christmas gift.
My secret pal sent me a great package and I now know who she is!! Thank you (more descriptions / pictures to come)
And I've gotten a great ROAK of music mix CDs.

Life is good.

It is halloween weekend which means it's the time for scary movies. I saw the movie "SAW" last night. Oh my holy chickens. what a mind twist. gruesome and disturbing.


2 Treats!

What a lucky duck I am :) Yesterday, in the mail I received a package from my SKP2 - stickers!!!! Yay! A pretty fall notepad (it's up on the fridge) AND a really cool book ~ Stranded Color Knitting by Nanette Blanchard. I have been very cautious about doing this sort of thing (meaning I've yet to give it a go) and I think this book will be the sort of thing to help me get to it!! Thank you soo very much!

And, today when I returned to the apartment with the fiance there was a RAOK for me :) Thank you so very much for the magazines, Eileen!! I'm going to have fun poking through those today as a break from lesson planning!

Not a bad weekend. I also went to the new Michael's (right on my way home from work!) and bought some wool-ease to try and make my dad a DNA scarf. The Irish-Hiking-Scarf Knitalong has given me some cable confidence.

I also wanted to post that I made it out to the the yarn barn in woodbridge. It's ~ 15 minutes away from work too. I bought some pink cascade fixation to make a pair of the breast cancer socks, and some brown sheep lambs pride in black and lime green for new fuzzy feet. Woo!

If only I could type up / write my lesson plans as I knit.


Irish Hiking Scarf Knit-Along Progress

It's been a while, but - tah-Dah!! A knitting photo!

I'm using Cascade 220 - it's a purpley-green. I love this shade - my mom commented on it when I used it to make a Sophie bag over the summer. So, she's the intended recipient of this scarf - birthday or christmas, I don't quite know.


100 Things About Me

I've decided that while you all patiently wait for my next knitting post I would work on one of those "100 Things About Me" list. I think I can come up with that.
1. My name is Becca.
2. I'm left-handed.
3. I cut right-handed though.
4. I've always been crafty.
5. I doodle more than I draw, but I enjoy it all the same.
6. Beading used to be my crafty outlet, but knitting has totally consumed me.
7. I taught myself how to knit left-handed.
8. My first project was an afghan - Red Heart Maroon.
9. I now hate Red Heart's Maroon colored yarn.
10. I am a science nerd.
11. My academic background is in environmental chemistry.
12. I was supposed to be an environmental chemist.
13. I even went to grad school for my masters in environmental chemistry.
14. Grad school completely burnt me out.
15. I became a science teacher.
16. I teach science to 5, 6, 7, and 8th graders.
17. I am having a lot of fun being a teacher.
18. I like being in charge.
19. It appeals to my bossy side.
20. I have a rather large frog collection.
21. I adore the rainforest poison dart frogs the most.
22. I think the muppets are hysterical.
23. Favorite muppets include: Kermit, Pepe, Beaker & Bunsen, and the Electric Mayhem Band members.
24. My favorite actor is John Cusack.
25. I will also see just about anything with Brad Pitt, Ed Norton or Heath Ledger.
26. My favorite movie is "Singin' in the Rain."
27. I did tech crew in high school and college theatre.
28. I was a costume wench, and eventually the costume Goddess.
29. I did very little acting, but when I did I was good!
30. I have 2 younger brothers.
31. They also did theatre, but more performance than crew.
32. I love watching "I Love Lucy" reruns.
33. I can't get enough of "Gilmore Girls".
34. I enjoy watching Survivor and The Apprentice.
35. My favorite food is mashed potatoes.
36. I have a massive sweet tooth.
37. For me sweets / candy = high-octance sugar stuff (jelly beans, mike and ikes, jolly ranchers, smarties) - not chocolate.
38. I do love chocolate too!
39. The book "Candy & Me: A Love Story" means a lot to me!
40. My favorite author is Jennifer Weiner (Little Earthquakes, Good in Bed, In Her Shoes)
41. I dabble in photography.
42. I have a 35mm automatic camera, an SLR camera (my baby), an I-Zone camera, and a 600-speed polaroid.
43. There is also a camera feature on my pda.
44. I have been using a computer since I was 5 years old.
45. Some days I wonder if I should have studied computer science / web design.
46. In graduate school I used an electron microscope to photograph pollen and dirt particles on the surface of oak leaves.
47. I'm getting married on November 26, 2004.
48. My fiance and I have been dating since the end of high school (Class of 1996)
49. I don't have any pets, yet, at home.
50. I do have a pet in my classroom.
51. It's a betta fish, and he is named Louis (after L. Pasteur)
52. I love all kinds of music.
53. I love going to concerts.
54. Top favorites musically: Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Indigo Girls, and Tori Amos.
55. I do love oldies, classic rock, hip-hop, classical, acapella, alternative and dance.
56. I absolutely adore 80s retro music.
57. I am pretty good when it comes to trivia.
58. I am a fierce competitor.
59. Dan (my fiance) and I keep track of who wins Trivial Pursuit each time we play.
60. I love board games.
61. I love stickers.
62. I love snail mail.
63. The world needs more snail mail (excluding the bills)
64. I occasionally work part time in a small invitation / gift store in town. (On and Off since 1997)
65. They enabled my sticker and stationery collection to spiral wildly out of control.
66. I am a magazine whore - I love those slick glossy pages.
67. I even enjoy the alternative reads of Bitch once in a while.
68. My heroes include Rachel Carson and my grandparents.
69. After a discussion with my eighth graders I have also come to the conclusion that Einstein is my homeboy.
70. I have a hard time making decisions.
71. I require coffee on a daily basis.
72. In the evenings I am a tea drinker.
73. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be fruit salad.
74. I have been to London and look forward to when I can return.
75. I love going to the movies.
76. I drive a Ford Focus.
77. I love Hello Kitty.
78. My favorite colors are in the blue-green-purple hues.
#79 - #100 to be finished later....


Sheepy Things!

eep! jcrew sent me their catalog today - how much do I love the embroidered critter lounge pants / boxers?? Sheep & Dragonflies!!


New projects

In my mail pile was the latest Family Circle Easy Knitting. I am really taken by the first of the "Trimming" selections... I'm thinking maybe a blue on blue or brown / blue combo of yarn and trim? Hrm. That would be fun.

Also, it would take me four evers to even do a pillow, but how cute is the "Knitters" afghan?!

I finished my multi-directional scarf this weekend - gotta take a picture. I used Noro - love the color, but find it a little scratchy. Should be okay in the winter with a jacket...

Happy new week!


Funny Monday

Need a laugh today? Check this out:

The frustrated guy in the elevator (not the forgetful one) is my brother. I'm proudly promoting his talents (non-knitting) :)


Pals, Knits And Other

For My Secret Pal -
Thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you for the package you sent! I adore the yarn (I'm thinking I'll make a felted bag...) and the Mike & Ike's were eaten promptly!! THe sticky notes are perfect for school - and wouldn't you know I've just made my way through a large pile of papers and I need to sticker them! And tose sock pointer-covers - I have picked those up SO SO SO many times in the stores :) What a wonderful pal I have!!

(I need to get my next package out to my secret pal...this week!)

Last weekend during football I made myself work on the Broad Street Mitten (yes, made - if only all of lifes challenges were this hard). So far I think I'm figuring out the extra stitches okay. The cuff is done, the first 4 rows are done, and now I'm doing the increases. Thank goodness for football - I can knit while the fiance watches and we're still spending time together :)



I'm ashamed to admit that I have slacked off a bit here - only because school has started up again. Teaching science to grades 5 - 8 is exhausting. Plus wedding planning. Plus keeping everyone happy :) Plus squeezing in knitting (truly a good description, it's like guerilla knitting!) I'm working on it.

I'm going to see this author tomorrow night! How excited am I? I loved her previous 2 books - can't wait for the movie versions!


Broad Street Mittens

Ok, so currently I am working on two pairs of Broad Street Mittens (knitty.com), one pair for each of my brothers. I made one pair last year, for me, following the pattern exactly. They were a little big, but for me they were fine. My concern is that I'm knitting these for guys with big hands. I am wondering if I were to cast on 52, then increase to 64 if that would increase the size just enough so that they would still be snug on my brothers hands... I don't know if anyone really reads this blog, but I could use some input if you've made these for guys... I have one brother's handprint traced out, thinking that would help...

I have been knitting the first left hand on my 2 circulars and I love how fast it has gone!!


Lucky Duck

To my secret pal ~ thank you so much for the goodies! Wouldn't you know that the next thing I am supposed to knit for my guy is a pair of socks? Perfect! And I adore the Burt's Bees (I'm trying to move from here to his place, so the little samples are great!). And the Maude Asbury photo album is beautiful - "she" makes such pretty things - the small store I work at in the summer has had some of her scrapbooks - thank you - I already have some photos to put inside!

Secret Pal Goodies!
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My Green Monster.

I really would like to love this hat a little more... it's practice I suppose. maybe Kermit can wear it in class.

My Summer Bottoms Up Hat
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Wrapping Up to Start Anew

Last night I finished my bottom's-up-along-piece. I'm affectionately calling it the big green monster. It's not Incredible-Hulk-green, rather "Lily Pad" which I really liked when I started (I have a fondness for all things froggy, especially those poison-dart-frogs) But now I'm sort of just fed up with this project - it's a great pattern, a quick knit, and it looks cute, but I had to cast on numerous times before I got the right number of strands and the right number of stitches. Also, I'm just not as thrilled with how this one came out. This was knit with Classic Elite cotton, the other was with Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim (I think... I don't have the labels right here to check). I feel like I can see all sorts of bumps and loose bits from the decreases. Maybe I just need to block it? I don't know. Still thinking about it. Pictures are coming - I know I keep promising that. I forgot to do it today with my palm, and I didn't bring the hat here so I can't ask my fiance to use his camera phone to try it... Patience, Becca...

How excited am I that I get to set up my classroom next week? Very.
The week after that is professional development meetings. okay.
Then the kids return. Yay for the start of school and new office supplies!!

Psst - my talking of big green monster reminded me about this site: monsters.net - I love the drawings and things she does with the monsters - too cute! Especially the one with the sock!


This is for my secret pal

*waves hello* This post is more of an "about me" sort of thing, until I figure out how to add that sort of page to this blog. I sent my pal the link to my other online journal, but figured it would be okay to add something here.

Becca - a lefty, self taught knitter. Currently has the following works in progress (yarn is bought / on the needles): 2 pairs of Broad Street Mittens, Multidirectional scarf, DNA scarf, bottoms up hat, 2 pairs of socks, purple cardigan sweater, light blue summer cardigan sweater, toy lamb, honeymoon cami.

I like to think I'm not a yarn snob, as I do use lion brand (it's not all bad!) and red heart, but I have seen what else is out there. It's like going candy shopping at CVS and then candy shopping at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYcity.

My allergies are seasonal, to pollen, but *knock wood* they haven't been bad this year.

I have a wish list on amazon.com.

I have a massive sweet tooth. Jelly beans / mike-and-ikes are my favorites.

I adore the blue-green-purple range of colors.

I currently live at home with my parents but am planning to move in with my fiance in the upcoming weeks before school starts. I teach science to students in grades 5 - 8; I actually started out planning to be an environmental chemist, but got burnt out in grad school. I worked retail for a year (at a fabulous stationery shop, i've been there on and off for 6 years) and went through an alternative route program to get my teaching certification (done!). I love being a teacher - it's the hardest thing I have done yet, and I can't see myself doing anything else!

I am getting married the day after thanksgiving this year to my boyfriend of 8 years - we went to high school together and just kept up our relationship. He is wonderful beyond words. So, while I am on summer vacation for the next few weeks, I am busy planning the wedding (we finally got the bridesmaids their dresses), planning for school and relaxing.

Quickie Favorites:
Movies: The Princess Bride, Singin'in the Rain, Rebel without a Cause, Say Anthing, the Muppet Movies
Music: Barenaked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, 80's music - I listen to pretty much everything except country
Actors John Cusack, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelwieger
Misc. Hello Kitty, Paper, stickers, Becky Kelly, Kate Spade, Origins, Bath-and-Body Works, Bamboo Needles, Chad Pennington, basketball, environmentally friendly stuff, Burts Bees

I hope this helps give you a better picture of me!


VH1 Commercial

I just saw the greatest commercial on VH1 - all you see are women on stairmasters, and they are knitting! You hear "Knit... and purl... C'mon ladies keep on knitting!" Then at the last woman, she is sort of struggling, and you hear "You want to look like Madonna, you're going to have to knit like Madonna... Those sweaters won't knit themselves!" (or something similar) - then it shows the tagline - Celebrity hobbies are getting harder each year. Sounds like VH1.

That's just silly. But there have been good commercials lately - have you seen the one with the guy who licks the blender and it accidentaly goes on? He's off brownies for a while, but gets the fix at Dairy Queen. When I was little I wanted to make silly advertisements like that...

Settling on Projects?

Today I went to fabric place with the intent of finding some sort of lab coat pattern and possibly the fabric to make the coat. My fiancee won me a huge Kermit doll a few years ago and I have decided that Kermit would be an excellent "teacher's assistant" in my science class, so I wanted to dress him up. This will be an adventure - an excellent adventure if I am successful :)

I found the pattern, and the fabric, and even a discount from the lovely lady at the counter when she found out I was a teacher. But that was after I also found 2 circular needles I'll use to make the Broad Street knitty.com mittens for my brothers, and yarn I want to use for my dad's DNA scarf, and Hello Kitty fat quarters.

$70 later I think I can finally get started.

And I still need to post pictures, I know.


Secret Pals

I got my matchup tonight, and while I may not be on "the list" yet, I am just as excited as the other members who are! I think I have some good ideas for my pal already :)

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of a finished pair of socks (for crying out loud, I have only had to graft together the remaining 10 or so tow stitches for what? two weeks now? how hard can it really be. I just don't like to graft, or kitchener, or whatever it's called) and my progress on my multidirectional scarf, which I am in love with. I may end up keeping this one and making another one as a gift. I also need to research working the Broad Street knitty mittens on two circulars instead of double points because I think it may go faster. And I want to make the DNA cable scarf as a Christmas gift as well. I think. I do a lot of thinking about these things, there needs to be more actual doing.

Note to self: DNA scarf pdf file & Lefty-translations

4 months from this past monday I'll be married!
4 months from today I'll have been in San Francisco and be on my way to my Hawaiian honeymoon!


Kuryeon my Blues Away

Last night I cast on and started my multidirectional scarf - I like this yarn, especially the color(s).  Potential holiday gifts here... Anyway, I had myself scared of short rows but they really aren't so bad! I hope I haven't just jinxed myself with that.

I forgot to mention that last week during sidewalk sales days I wore my Chickami! I was a tad nervous about it, but it was so comfortable.  I impressed my boss with it - "It looks like you could have bought that in a store!" "Look at the detail on the bottom!" (rib)  :)

Random thoughts: So GAP's newest fall "must-have" is a poncho. Will that bring in a slew of new knitters? Or critiques? 

The cover of GQ has Halle Berry in a sexy sort of bikini-type-thing.  My fiancee showed it to me and asks "You can knit that right? You'll knit that right?"  Aside from the fact that I think it's crochet rather than knit and I can't crochet, sure.  Maybe I'll make the "Stitch-n-Bitch" bikini to hold him over.  I am flattered that he thinks I could do that.  He has been telling me lately that he was thrilled when I stopped beading and started knitting.  :)


Mid-summer blues?

I've been bushed lately - I worked more at the store this past week because of sidewalk sales.  It was busy, but at the same time the days just dragged.  I was so pooped that I could barely pick up any knitting.  I think I only knit 2 or 3 rows on my Bottoms Up hat (after finally casting on properly!). 

This funk has not stopped me from purchasing yarn though - I took one of my closest friends http://www.yarnsdownunder.com last week.  She's moving back up the area, so I was helping her find the good spots!  I treated myself to some Noro Kuryeon to make myself a multi-directional scarf ~ I am going to be the scarf queen this year :)  I also picked up a skein of something, which I have forgotten the name of and don't have it here with me... in the store it was used in a sample with cables, and I wanted to try it out... if it works I'll pick a project and buy more.  I also fell in love with "Aura" - but I wanted it in white - I'm thinking that it would make a gorgeous shawl for my wedding (11/26!)  The dress shop ordered extra material to make me a shawl, but this would be a little extra special, right?  Thinking about it, but do I have the time? When school starts up I have so little time for knitting...  Bummer.  Don't get me wrong - I love my job (middle school science teacher), and I'm looking forward to the start of school, but I have enjoyed the knitting time that summer brings.

I also need to buy yarn to make my brothers their Christmas presents - knitty's Broad Street Mittens - I made myself a pair this year using Mexican Wave, but I think my brothers would want something solid color / dark.   I've been checking on elann and just have to decide. 



Last night I was working on my summer bottoms up hat.  The night before it took me 3 times to cast on the right number of stitches with enough yarn.   Anyway last night I realized that I should have cast on with 2 strands not the measly one.  Because you are supposed to drop one, and I can't very well work with a half strand.  Gah.  The bottoms up went flying across the room.  Followed by all the other knitted objects in my grasp - which really was only a pillow, but had I made it to the beer cozies they would have gone too!

Grumble.  I really don't feel like casting on again.

It's probably ok to use one, it would just be more floppy, right?  But I'm a sucker for directions.



Last Wednesday I went out to this yarn store and to my surprise they were having a "Christmas in July" sale - mostly the funky/novelty yarns for scarves and such.  I took my time picking and choosing but ended up with a skein of black opal lang, 4 skeins of eros (2 that are like a mermaid's tail (blues/greens) and 2 that are more blue/purpley), and 1 skein of the blue "butterfly" or "daisy" yarn by Giardino.  Completely selfish knitting, I am making myself some thin, long summer scarves... because I want to.  :)
Sophie has been felted and dried, and I am still debating what to do about the handles.  Pictures will come I promise. 
I'll be going to my first knitting meetup this week, with my good friend in tow (not really, because she's looking forward to it as well!)  I'm very excited!


Sophie Update

This morning I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that Georgia was "checking in" on my Sophie status. I finished knitting it, but somehow goofed on the handles I think - hanging from the side of the chair it looks ok, but laying flat I'm cringing... But I want to toss it in the washer to see what happens anyway, and if the only way I can use the bag is off the back of a chair, so be it - I'll make another one and pay attention this time to the hand placement. I thought I followed the directions properly about holding the six stitches on each side... but perhaps not. And I didn't realize until I was "done" either - now I don't know how to fix this without unravelling everything. So I think that I will toss it in the wash and see what happens from there.
Sophie1 Handles

And here's a picture of the fabric I purchased, but don't know what to do with...


I need a bigger oven

I have way too many projects "on the back burner" as it were. I made it out to Fabric place today and bought several needles, yarn for my summer "Bottom's Up!" hat (Classic Elite Flash - Lily Pad), yarn for a pillow, lion brand cotton to make a scrubber and several fat quarters. I also bought some patterns to use on the fat quarters (small bags, small cases, etc) - I don't quilt, I don't sew although I would like to learn. What can you do with fat quarters? I have found these ideas:Tissue Holder and Circular Needle Holder. And according to craftster I could also make a regular needle holder.

The Guilford Handcraft Center Expo happens next week - it's a juried show - always interesting. I haven't been able to attend in the past because I have had to work, but I think this year I may swing through after an appointment.


Future Projects

Yesterday I had to deal with some unexpected car issues (not my car, but I'm doing my parents a favor since I had the time to go up to the dealership) and did not go to the yarn store. Kind of bummed about that, but it will be ok. After I work a few days at the retail shop I'll use my paycheck to treat myself. In the meantime I am looking online for the needles I need just so that I can get started!

This weekend is highly lazy. Everyone is out except for me and my fiance is out of town too! I got a stack of movies from the library (Frida, Raising Victor Vargas, Life as a House, Sopranos Disc1: Season 3) because I'm waiting for Netflix to get the ones I sent back and send me some new stuff!

So, while I watch DVDs I'm going to knit. These are my upcoming projects:

*Finish the mate for the Regia blue / green sock
*Start / finish the mate for the purple Koigu sock
*Weave in ends on a flower facecloth, block it
*Tea Set (maybe)
*Deco-Ribbon Bag
*Silky Look Cardigan Need the needles for this one, I don't want to work with Susan Bates needles on this one.
*Hat, with yarn sent to me from my Secret Pal, from back in May


My first sock on 2 circular needles, wow this is quick! I started Sunday evening, and will finish the toe tonight!! Yarn: Regia 4-color, (Fabre 5025, Partie 44134)
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I really am diggin this socks on 2-circular needle dealio. I truly don't feel like I've given more time to this particular sock, although being that it is summer vacation, it's entirely possible. I noticed today that the pattern for the lavender eye pillow from Interweave Knits is on 2-circs as well... Yay! I think that I will treat myself to the yarn for that tomorrow following the car service appointment!

I'm not happy with how this grafting job came out - I think I did it backwards, because there is a ridge at the top.
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How lucky am I though that in the latest issue of Knitty.com one of the features is about grafting!! Invisible seams here I come. I'll have to try it on the blue-green sock and then whip up the purple sock companion on the 2-circs.

Sideways view of my purple sock - yarn is Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino, Dye Lot #97, Dye Code P305
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Hi there!

Greetings and Salutations! My first few tests of this new blog are *working* photo posts of some recently finished objects - yay! This seems to be the year of actually getting things done!

My background - I taught myself how to knit back in 2002 because I was determined to knit an afghan for my boyfriend (now fiance, so much for "the curse" - maybe it only applies to sweaters?). From there I went on to smaller projects and am now slowly working my way back up to the big stuff. I am still learning, but I do not mind the practice!

Currently on my needles I've got three different socks in progress. Two of them already have one of the pair completed, so they are halfway done. I've also got a cardigan on the needles, for which the back and one front side are completed. It's just too warm to work with this time of year.

I am a nutmegger, I've been Connecticut just about all of my life, if you overlook 10 weeks I spent in North Dakota, 4 years of college in Rhode Island and 2 years of graduate school in upstate New York. I'm a science teacher to grades 5 - 8, starting summer vacation. This summer I expect to improve my knitting, take up a yoga class and do lots of reading!

Bottoms Up Hat Finished!
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ChicKami finished!
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ChicKami in progress
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