Secret Pals

I got my matchup tonight, and while I may not be on "the list" yet, I am just as excited as the other members who are! I think I have some good ideas for my pal already :)

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of a finished pair of socks (for crying out loud, I have only had to graft together the remaining 10 or so tow stitches for what? two weeks now? how hard can it really be. I just don't like to graft, or kitchener, or whatever it's called) and my progress on my multidirectional scarf, which I am in love with. I may end up keeping this one and making another one as a gift. I also need to research working the Broad Street knitty mittens on two circulars instead of double points because I think it may go faster. And I want to make the DNA cable scarf as a Christmas gift as well. I think. I do a lot of thinking about these things, there needs to be more actual doing.

Note to self: DNA scarf pdf file & Lefty-translations

4 months from this past monday I'll be married!
4 months from today I'll have been in San Francisco and be on my way to my Hawaiian honeymoon!

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