Settling on Projects?

Today I went to fabric place with the intent of finding some sort of lab coat pattern and possibly the fabric to make the coat. My fiancee won me a huge Kermit doll a few years ago and I have decided that Kermit would be an excellent "teacher's assistant" in my science class, so I wanted to dress him up. This will be an adventure - an excellent adventure if I am successful :)

I found the pattern, and the fabric, and even a discount from the lovely lady at the counter when she found out I was a teacher. But that was after I also found 2 circular needles I'll use to make the Broad Street knitty.com mittens for my brothers, and yarn I want to use for my dad's DNA scarf, and Hello Kitty fat quarters.

$70 later I think I can finally get started.

And I still need to post pictures, I know.

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