Wrapping Up to Start Anew

Last night I finished my bottom's-up-along-piece. I'm affectionately calling it the big green monster. It's not Incredible-Hulk-green, rather "Lily Pad" which I really liked when I started (I have a fondness for all things froggy, especially those poison-dart-frogs) But now I'm sort of just fed up with this project - it's a great pattern, a quick knit, and it looks cute, but I had to cast on numerous times before I got the right number of strands and the right number of stitches. Also, I'm just not as thrilled with how this one came out. This was knit with Classic Elite cotton, the other was with Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim (I think... I don't have the labels right here to check). I feel like I can see all sorts of bumps and loose bits from the decreases. Maybe I just need to block it? I don't know. Still thinking about it. Pictures are coming - I know I keep promising that. I forgot to do it today with my palm, and I didn't bring the hat here so I can't ask my fiance to use his camera phone to try it... Patience, Becca...

How excited am I that I get to set up my classroom next week? Very.
The week after that is professional development meetings. okay.
Then the kids return. Yay for the start of school and new office supplies!!

Psst - my talking of big green monster reminded me about this site: monsters.net - I love the drawings and things she does with the monsters - too cute! Especially the one with the sock!

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