Candy Cane Hats

I am one of those people that just cannot do Christmas prior to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I want to enjoy fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving first, thank you very much. This year though I have to make an exception, given that I may or may not have had the baby by then. So, to be prepared, I made and finished two Candy Cane hats from "Itty Bitty Hats" - which is a great book! I didn't intend to make two - I made the newborn size and it just looks so tiny! It's a quick enough knit, that I made the next size up (0-3 months) and that seems a little better. Hopefully my kiddo won't arrive with a head much bigger than that!
Candy Cane Hats

And since I have the two hats, I am certain not one person who knows me would be surprised to see a photo of Jackson and the baby in matching hats.
Jackson in a candy cane hat


Wii would like to knit

Yesterday Dan brought home a Wii. It's very very cool. I may actually get back into playing video games again. But then, when would I knit? I'll make the time certainly. Because I have a new book - didn't intend to buy it yesterday after the SnB, it sort of just happened (Sorry Sam!) - I now have been drooling over Cat Bordhi's "New Pathways for Sock Knitters". And I'm so well intentioned: I will work gauge swatches, I will do the baby practice socks, I will work my way through the adult socks. It'll be like "Julie & Julia" only "Becca & Cat". Truly. Amazing book. Love the layout, very user friendly - color coordinated words / pictures, dpns or 2 circulars, unique patterns, yarns I have already... Good stuff.


The Human Element

Checking the blogs this morning, on my Science Blogs feed one of the first posts is Genomes Sock - yay! Reminded me that I want to knit that sock. Good way to start the week I think.

I really like the Dow Human Element ad campaign. I want to make a blanket that is the periodic table of elements...could it be done, easily?

I also really like this commercial, don't know why - the ferret attacking makes me laugh:

I'm going to install this later today, seems like a good idea:
CO2 Saver

Things I need to blog about: photos of the baby hats, carolina sock, miss dashwood...my virtual vacation swap pal package...L&V daily chum (felting in a mixer! woodland shawl!) we're on the same wavelength.


Which brings us to today.

I'm getting caught up in my blog posting, go me!

On Wednesday, I started dog training classes at PawsNEffect in Hamden. Jackson joins me next week. Even though he's two, he's never been to obedience classes. He's a really great dog - sits when you ask, and doesn't get into too much trouble around the house anymore - but with the baby on the way, I want to be sure that he's got the basics down. I bought a new leash / collar while I was there and I'm really pleased with it so far. It's a Premiere dog collar - I was having some trouble with him backing out of the current leash and collar. I just can't go running after him once he ducks out, so this works great!

I also mostly finished the Candy Cane hat that I started at Monday's Stitch-n-bitch. It needs a pompom before it's completely done. I made the newborn size, but have plenty of yarn left over, so I'm making a second hat, next size up.

I did finish Odessa - I am really pleased with how it came out:
Odessa hat 2
It's not a hat I can wear any hair clips under really, but that's okay.

I tried to take a picture of the top and also got a picture of the baby bump.
Odessa hat 1

Of course, I had to try it on Jackson. It doesn't really suit his needs.
Odessa Jackson

I'm dreaming of making the latest Chicknit - Miss Dashwood - bought the pattern, and think I'll use some of the other Farmhouse yarn that I have in my stash - Silk Spun (blend) in a Purple Rainbow colorway (it's purples / pinks).

I really want to cast on for new socks, but I'm worried that my feet are going to swell up and they won't fit!! Need a stretchy pattern I guess. So far my feet are the same - but I've been living in flip-flops and sneakers.

Today I did a bit of shopping - as the bump picture shows, my current wardrobe is limited. I found some great deals - a pair of jeans for less than $3!! Go consignment shops, marked down and a discount coupon from the paper. And currently I'm amazed at the change in my bra size. Pre-baby I was 34 B. I followed online directions to figure out your size as the bras are uncomfortable (after I guessed myself to be a 36B). Well measurements say 38B. WTF?!?! So I tried on that size at the outlets, and they fit. Here's to comfortably supported boobs.

Tuesday - Farmhouse Yarns Sale!

On Tuesday, Betsy, newcomer Sue and I took a ride out to the Farmhouse Yarns Sale!. So, all the
rubbermaid bins were out and open - everything was $11 / skein. The
fill-a-bag option was still there for $159 (down from $180? I think) -
the three of us split a bag and we all made out really well!
Destined for a pinwheel blanket I believe:

Couldn't resist this "Key Lime" dk weight silk / wool blend.
And a skein of grey mist cotton / wool / silk (great for washcloths!)

As it was Sue's first time there, we got her on the mailing list and Carol
let Betsy and I both pick for a door prize. We pulled our slips out
of a basket - Betsy pulled a finished item of her choice and picked a
really neat striped felted bag. I pulled crank knitting machine and
that's what I got - a knitting machine!
How cool - not something I would buy on my own, but as a freebie, I'm game to give it a whirl! (For reference: knitter's review)

And then Betsy gave me a bunch of blue summer spun yarn that she had previously gotten - I have 4 skeins enough for a sweater I think, but wanted one more skein just to be sure - i got that and then some.
I'm thinking about Glee, Kepler, Hypotenuse (front runner) even though it isn't a sweater..., Tangled yoke cardigan.... So many choices!!

Monday & Things you learn at Stitch-n-Bitch

(This post comes from last monday's events)

At the stitch&bitch on Monday, I learned a couple of neat ideas. One was to use older t-shirts - cut the sleeves off and use them to line the inside of a knit hat. What a great idea! I think that I would tend to try and avoid the scratchy wools for hats and scarves, but this would add a thin, light layer of comfort. Especially using t-shirts that just get so comfy as they go through the wash so many times but start to get holey. Google didn't turn up much regarding this, but I'm sure someone somewhere on craftster has already done it.

And then it was suggested that for small items you could use a stand mixer to do the felting. Genius! I've got pumpkins and a sushi wallet that need felting before they are complete, and I keep putting it off. Look, someone tried it!.

Also on Monday I was tagged in the dishragtag relay. I received a great box from fellow "Going the Dish-tance" team member, Colleen -
Dishragtag Swap
Great colors, love the 'dishrag' she made for me, and those stitchmarkers!! and I looooove burts bees products!! Now the box is on it's way to Carol in MA. Fun to be a part of it!


My mind is full of posts

The topics are so varied that they will each get their own post eventually. Reminder to me - post about: Farmhouse yarn sale, dog training, dishragtag, miss dashwood chicknits, bad day swap, get photos of new yarns, snb mixer to felt and t-shirt sleeves to line hats.

This post is going to be about the crazy lady at the post office. I went in innocently enough - to mail off the box for dishragtag. The post office in town is a rather friendly place, I love the people who work there and being that it's in a small-town-New-England community people tend to make small talk while you're in line. No big deal. Usually.

I get in line - there are maybe 4 or 5 people ahead of me. It was noon - again, not a big deal, I'm not in a rush. The woman in front of me turns and starts talking (it's easier to write in script form)
Lady: Boy it sure is hot out today.
Me: Yes.
Lady: Really, it's really hot. You have to use the air conditioning today. It's hot.
Me: Yes.
(pause. pause)
Lady: I just have to mail this one envelope. I hope it has enough postage.
Me: Mm-hmm.
Lady: Gosh it's really hot out today.
Me: Yes.
Lady: I hope this has enough postage on it - I suppose they'll weigh it.
Me: They'll tell you if it needs more.
Lady: It's so hot out today isn't it?
Me: Yes.
Lady: You have to run the air conditioning. Is it on at your house?
Me: Um, no.
Lady (all aghast at the thought): Why not? It's 92 degrees out today! It's really hot.
Me (Thinking to myself, actually it's in the 80s, sunny, low humidity - I think it's nice out): It's August. It's summer.
Lady: But you should have your air conditioning on today.
Me: It's expensive. It's going to cool down.
Lady: It's really hot out.
Me: Yes.
Lady: I have 2 extra stamps with me in case there isn't enough postage. But in case it is not enough, could I borrow a quarter?
Me: Sure.
(Thinking, whatever gets you to stop talking to me!)
Lady: You look cute today.
Me: Thank you.
Lady: I have 2 extra stamps with me just in case.
Me: Uh-huh. Here's a quarter.

So, it's finally her turn at the counter and immediately my turn as well, so we're up there at the same time. I can hear the postal worker tell her she needs to add 17 cents in postage. She can add an extra stamp or pay the 17 cents. She used my quarter!

Now I'm biting my lip - she didn't give the change to me. She didn't say thank you. She left the post office immediately after that. Um, WTF? And she could (should!?) have just used her "just in case stamps" and given me back my quarter.

I also felt like telling her, look lady I'm pregnant and carrying extra weight around. You are the size of a walking stick bug (seriously!). Who is going to have a harder time cooling down in hot weather? And it's not even that hot today! It's gotten as high as 84, that's it! I kinda hope her AC breaks this afternoon. And I hope I find a quarter. I should have tried to Kinnear her with my camera phone, but I'm sure that would have opened a whole other line of conversation in which I don't want to participate.

All kinds of crazy, even in small new england towns.


Monday Fun

Happy Left Hander's Day!
A bit from mental floss
Highlighting cool facts:
4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh computer were left-handed
1 in 4 Apollo astronauts were left-handed - 250% more than the normal level.
Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right.
There is a high tendency in twins for one to be left-handed
Stuttering and dyslexia occur more often in left-handers (particularly if they are forced to change their writing hand as a child, like King of England George VI).
Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater.
Left-handers excel particularly in tennis, baseball, swimming and fencing
Left-handers usually reach puberty 4 to 5 months after right-handers

My dad's a lefty, I'm a lefty and luckily I've adapted to living in a right-handed world. I like being left-handed. It's one of those "good" different things.

I found this really cute site on etsy: IttyBittiesForYou - I'm most likely going to get this weiner dog ornament and I'm in conversations now about getting a dachshund superhero So very cute!!

I'm hooked into the LimeNViolet KnitWars - last night I went to see Shakespeare on the town Green - I brought my knitting and on my way back home all I could think of was "I can get points for knitting in public and knitting for an hour!! Excellent!"


Week in review

The nutshell version is that I continue to be somewhat distracted. Startitis of projects. Trying to clean up one room so that we can make a different room into the baby's room. Makes the week go by quite quickly that's for sure. Monday I went to a SnB which was very cool. It was nice to get out and enjoy the company of other knitters - planning to go back tomorrow too. I did go to the Yarn Barn afterwards and get yarn for several projects (Bee Booties, baby stuff, baby yoda jacket, Nomad hat / scarf in the latest IK) Jackson is now signed up to start (finally) a dog obedience class this week, so that will be interesting.

I finished the "Roza's Socks" - easy pattern / stitch, and even though I added more stitches when I cast on, they are still a bit snug around the foot. I'm just happy that they do fit and I can get them on and I'm sure they will keep my feet quite warm this fall / winter.
Roza Socks Jackson & Socks 1
Jackson & Socks 3 Jackson & Socks 2

I started Odessa - I thought it was going to be for me - and it still may end up for me - but it's got potential to be a nice Christmas gift, maybe with a scarf or neckwarmer or even gloves. In one of my older magazines (a Family Circle Easy Knitting or Knit It!) there was a scarf / glove combo that had beads incorporated into them.
Odessa Hat (WIP)

I also made some pumpkins that need to be tossed in the wash so they can be felted. I'm waiting on that though - I don't really feel like digging out jeans I don't wear just for the sake of these pumpkins. There's time enough for them.

We also said goodbye to my faithful friend, the Ford Focus. It was my first car that was completely mine - not on loan from my parents or anything like that. We went with a Mercury Milan - which looks a lot fancier than it is for a basic sedan. The Milan is a lot safer which is one of the main reasons for the change, and the Focus was getting to the point where it needed $$ put into it. Exciting times.


Knitting Celebrity - Yarn Harlot

On Friday, I went to RJ Julia's to hear The Yarn Harlot speak - I almost can't begin to describe how excited I was to get out and go to this event! I get a little giddy when it comes to celebrity. Plus this was a knitting event, so even that much better!

I arrived at the bookstore around 5:45 and found a group of knitters in the room camped out and knitting, so I plopped down with them and waited. They started to set up the chairs maybe 30 minutes later and it filled up quick. The speaking did start on time and Stephanie talked for over an hour. She is a wonderful speaker - engaging, encouraging and empowering even - I think there needs to be a poster made for all knitters to spread the word about CHOKE (the Cultural Humiliation of Knitters Everywhere)

She had the chart for part of the Mystery Stole / Shawl in with the pages of her speech.

Yarn Harlot begins
Taking an audience picture with the current sock.

Kinneared the shusher
The lady on the far right (you can see her elbow) turned around, tapped me on the knee and shushed me. I was telling the woman next to me (in entirely appropriate tones) about the Blue Moon bank fiasco, because she didn't know about it. So I Kinneared her

Yarn, What yarn?
Advice for what to say when people see your stash - "Gee that's a lot of yarn!" then you say, "Yarn? What yarn? These are my kitttens!"

Good Sock Juju
She was so great to meet when she signed my book. I gave her one of my flickr moo cards - we quickly chatted about the fruit hat on the back, and she held my sock next to the travelling one (good juju there!) and she commented on my "Knit or Go Home" bag - awesome awesome night!

I almost went to Madison wool after, but decided to save it for a day this week. Plus I'm going up to the Farmhouse Yarn sale next week and will probably go to the yarn barn after I go to the snb this afternoon.

I got to meet some people that I've met online, gave out a bunch of the moo cards (and got one too!) - hello Jen and Barbara and Debbie & Leah and Cristina and Kimberly and Heather.

Made for a great start to the weekend. I did finish two Tomato hats which need to be wrapped up and sent out to the new babies, Charlie & Brayden.
Tomato Hats


Yadda Yadda Yadda

There really isn't too much thrilling to post about, so heads up - this is a mundane post.

1)In my love of reality shows I have found a lost love of my childhood! The Coreys - it's a reunion of sorts between Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. I had the biggest crush on Corey Haim - huge! And now, watching this show I feel sorta sad for him. It's a massive train wreck.

2)Somehow I found the motivation to get the craft room in order so that we can start moving furniture - from a guest bedroom into the craft room so that the old guest bedroom can become the baby's room. I found a few old WIPs, including a pair of socks that I know I didn't work on since before I was married (at least 3 years these socks have sat in the box) - I don't really like them too much, I don't know what kind of yarn I used, and they are not a good show of what I can do (they do show how far I have come). I was thinking about frogging them, but really there's just a little bit left and a toe on one of them, so I may as well finish them up.
Finish or Frog? Look at those toes!

3)It's been hot. Even the dog has taken to sitting in his own chair, spread eagle to cool off.
Spread Eagle

4)Jackson finally has a hot dog toy to play with. A weiner for a weiner (who is really whiney right now). Love the expression on the toy's face:
Look at your toy!

5)Read a few cute / funny books - Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay and Baby Laughs - mildly enlightning, fluffy reads, an interesting change from the information overload about fetal development I've been on. Somehow I keep skipping over all the actual birth stories, labor and delivery, and I cannot watch any of those shows on TLC or Discovery Health.
Give Life, Donate Blood