Week in review

The nutshell version is that I continue to be somewhat distracted. Startitis of projects. Trying to clean up one room so that we can make a different room into the baby's room. Makes the week go by quite quickly that's for sure. Monday I went to a SnB which was very cool. It was nice to get out and enjoy the company of other knitters - planning to go back tomorrow too. I did go to the Yarn Barn afterwards and get yarn for several projects (Bee Booties, baby stuff, baby yoda jacket, Nomad hat / scarf in the latest IK) Jackson is now signed up to start (finally) a dog obedience class this week, so that will be interesting.

I finished the "Roza's Socks" - easy pattern / stitch, and even though I added more stitches when I cast on, they are still a bit snug around the foot. I'm just happy that they do fit and I can get them on and I'm sure they will keep my feet quite warm this fall / winter.
Roza Socks Jackson & Socks 1
Jackson & Socks 3 Jackson & Socks 2

I started Odessa - I thought it was going to be for me - and it still may end up for me - but it's got potential to be a nice Christmas gift, maybe with a scarf or neckwarmer or even gloves. In one of my older magazines (a Family Circle Easy Knitting or Knit It!) there was a scarf / glove combo that had beads incorporated into them.
Odessa Hat (WIP)

I also made some pumpkins that need to be tossed in the wash so they can be felted. I'm waiting on that though - I don't really feel like digging out jeans I don't wear just for the sake of these pumpkins. There's time enough for them.

We also said goodbye to my faithful friend, the Ford Focus. It was my first car that was completely mine - not on loan from my parents or anything like that. We went with a Mercury Milan - which looks a lot fancier than it is for a basic sedan. The Milan is a lot safer which is one of the main reasons for the change, and the Focus was getting to the point where it needed $$ put into it. Exciting times.

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eyeleen said...

great socks, cute dog!

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