Wii would like to knit

Yesterday Dan brought home a Wii. It's very very cool. I may actually get back into playing video games again. But then, when would I knit? I'll make the time certainly. Because I have a new book - didn't intend to buy it yesterday after the SnB, it sort of just happened (Sorry Sam!) - I now have been drooling over Cat Bordhi's "New Pathways for Sock Knitters". And I'm so well intentioned: I will work gauge swatches, I will do the baby practice socks, I will work my way through the adult socks. It'll be like "Julie & Julia" only "Becca & Cat". Truly. Amazing book. Love the layout, very user friendly - color coordinated words / pictures, dpns or 2 circulars, unique patterns, yarns I have already... Good stuff.


dragon knitter said...

we don't have a wii, but we do have a PS2, and while most of the games leave me cold (there's only so many times you can shoot someone with a sheepinator, and turn them all into killer explosive sheep), my sons do have guitar hero, and Dance Dance Revolution. GH is for the music, and DDR is for exercise, lol. hey, at least it gets me off my tush!

anphoe said...

I have a Wii. My husband got it for me last christmas, and I absolutely love it. I always struggle which I should do, play Wii or knit. I would recommend you to buy Wario Ware and Rayman Raving Rabbids. They are so much fun! Also Mario Party 8 is a must or a party!!!

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