Last Wednesday I went out to this yarn store and to my surprise they were having a "Christmas in July" sale - mostly the funky/novelty yarns for scarves and such.  I took my time picking and choosing but ended up with a skein of black opal lang, 4 skeins of eros (2 that are like a mermaid's tail (blues/greens) and 2 that are more blue/purpley), and 1 skein of the blue "butterfly" or "daisy" yarn by Giardino.  Completely selfish knitting, I am making myself some thin, long summer scarves... because I want to.  :)
Sophie has been felted and dried, and I am still debating what to do about the handles.  Pictures will come I promise. 
I'll be going to my first knitting meetup this week, with my good friend in tow (not really, because she's looking forward to it as well!)  I'm very excited!

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