Mid-summer blues?

I've been bushed lately - I worked more at the store this past week because of sidewalk sales.  It was busy, but at the same time the days just dragged.  I was so pooped that I could barely pick up any knitting.  I think I only knit 2 or 3 rows on my Bottoms Up hat (after finally casting on properly!). 

This funk has not stopped me from purchasing yarn though - I took one of my closest friends http://www.yarnsdownunder.com last week.  She's moving back up the area, so I was helping her find the good spots!  I treated myself to some Noro Kuryeon to make myself a multi-directional scarf ~ I am going to be the scarf queen this year :)  I also picked up a skein of something, which I have forgotten the name of and don't have it here with me... in the store it was used in a sample with cables, and I wanted to try it out... if it works I'll pick a project and buy more.  I also fell in love with "Aura" - but I wanted it in white - I'm thinking that it would make a gorgeous shawl for my wedding (11/26!)  The dress shop ordered extra material to make me a shawl, but this would be a little extra special, right?  Thinking about it, but do I have the time? When school starts up I have so little time for knitting...  Bummer.  Don't get me wrong - I love my job (middle school science teacher), and I'm looking forward to the start of school, but I have enjoyed the knitting time that summer brings.

I also need to buy yarn to make my brothers their Christmas presents - knitty's Broad Street Mittens - I made myself a pair this year using Mexican Wave, but I think my brothers would want something solid color / dark.   I've been checking on elann and just have to decide. 

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