Future Projects

Yesterday I had to deal with some unexpected car issues (not my car, but I'm doing my parents a favor since I had the time to go up to the dealership) and did not go to the yarn store. Kind of bummed about that, but it will be ok. After I work a few days at the retail shop I'll use my paycheck to treat myself. In the meantime I am looking online for the needles I need just so that I can get started!

This weekend is highly lazy. Everyone is out except for me and my fiance is out of town too! I got a stack of movies from the library (Frida, Raising Victor Vargas, Life as a House, Sopranos Disc1: Season 3) because I'm waiting for Netflix to get the ones I sent back and send me some new stuff!

So, while I watch DVDs I'm going to knit. These are my upcoming projects:

*Finish the mate for the Regia blue / green sock
*Start / finish the mate for the purple Koigu sock
*Weave in ends on a flower facecloth, block it
*Tea Set (maybe)
*Deco-Ribbon Bag
*Silky Look Cardigan Need the needles for this one, I don't want to work with Susan Bates needles on this one.
*Hat, with yarn sent to me from my Secret Pal, from back in May

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