Returned, A Married Woman

The wedding was perfect! The honeymoon was beautiful - we went to San Fran, CA and Hawai'i ~ It was like right out of a movie!! And I adore being married to my husband - it still seems a little surreal, but it's wonderful!!

That's my husband!! His college roomate and me. I don't have a good picture of the back online - it was a corset!! Oh wait - here, from the designer's site :

I was able to knit without any problems at the airports, in the airplanes, a little bit by the pool, and each night before bed. I have 99% finished the Stitch Diva poncho - just have to make the cords. It's curling a bit - can you block somethign like this? I don't know how much I'll actually wear it, and I may even leave off the cords...

I've got just a bit left on the Broad Street Mittens for Brother#1. I should be able to take care of that today. As well as a flower washcloth that I want to make as a secret santa gift for work. And tonight I think I'm going to an actual stitch-n-bitch!! yay!

And today continues to be wonderful - SNOW!! No school for this teacher :) It's nice to have the break (finish the knitting, plan the next projects, etc) but now I think I may have created a to-do list for myself that is too big: go get copies of the marriage license from town hall, go to the post office to change my address and send out RAOKs, go to the library, go get wedding photos reprinted / enlarged for wedding gifts, work on school goals / future lesson plans, laundry, ironing, clean the bathroom... It's all good though! Even if it's 9 degrees!

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