This holiday season was different for me for a lot of reasons - waking up without my family was one. But I loved waking up with Dan. We split up the families - saw my mom's side on Christmas Eve and Dan's mom's side on Christmas Day, then saw my Dad's folks at my parents house Christmas Night. Worked out well. The only snag is that I have somehow caught a cold. I know it's from one of the school kids I just don't know which one. Little stinkers and I did a big lesson on handwashing / not getting sick with them too. Oh well. I've been on the couch all day and Dan's been making me lots of tea, bringing tissues, etc. I hope he doesn't catch this.

My knitted gifts were a big hit - my secret santa at work loved the knitted flower washcloth, my mom loved my Irish Hiking Scarf, and my brother fit the Broad Street Mittens from knitty.com like a glove!!

Because of the cold (it's a doozy) I've been too achey to knit, but I'm feeling slightly better now. I'm thinking I'll pop Shrek2 in and knit something. I've got a sock that is almost up to the toe (maybe 1 - 1.5 inch), I started a scarf with some yarn from my SKP2, I've got the purple sweater that if it ever actually ends up a sweater I'll be amazed, a pillow for Dan, and a glove for Dan. These are things on the needles. But of course, I want to start something NEW :) Maybe in the upcoming year I'll be more organized with the knitting projects...

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