Quickest Sock Ever?

On Monday night I finished up my Bartholmew Socks and immediately cast on for "Lenore" - this was from the 2007 Blue Moon Rockin Sock Club - a first peek at the Raven series to come. The pattern was designed by the Yarn Harlot. When I started I nearly gave up - the top part is a fiddly sort of lace and I wasn't really digging it. But I had the top / cuff done over two nights, the leg done in another day, turned the heel while out with mad-knitter, furiously knit during Survivor (what the hell is up with Johnny Fairplay? so bogus.) and Lost (where to begin), and last night while watching "The Invasion" I finished the toe! A sock done, Monday night to Friday night? New record for me.
Lenore Sock#1
I love this sock. First time knitting with Blue Moon yarn - it rocks. Love the yarn, even Dan commented on it! Must cast on the second one!

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Ibunnysavetroy said...

my god, that is one beautiful sock! Wow!

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