My Chair - Dogs On Thursday

A few summers ago I bought two big round chairs at Target (Papason?). They are comfortable to curl up and read in, have room to knit, but we used to joke that wouldn't it be nice if Jackson would sit in there? Last year (2006) around Christmas, he would go sit in the chair - it was diagonally across the room from our dining table, so I think he liked it because he could see us. Over the summer he would go to the chair when it was too hot to sit on us. He is getting better about going to his chair during the day or night when either we don't sit and give him a lap, or when he's tired. Yesterday I put Lorelai in the chair and lured him with treats. He didn't seem to mind... too much!

Do you have the treats?

I don't want to smile!
I don't want to smile!

This photo shoot is about me, right?
You're taking my picture, right?


Elizabeth said...

He looks so big compared to her!

Lapdog Creations said...

OMG, how cute & precious... esp that last pic!

Mindy said...

Very cute. I love the last photo.

Hunny said...

It's nice that he is so good with her. the shirt is funny to. I had to click on the picture to read it!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love it! LOL! Great!

Cindy said...

What great pix!

Pooch said...

Darling pix...cutie dog....absolutely precious baby!!


Anonymous said...

Lorelai! She is such a beautiful baby. :) My daughter and BF moved into the lower level of my house. The BF brought with him a papasan chair. They decided it would be a good "throne" for daughter's dog, a 50 pound Australian shepherd mix who is a big shaggy shedder. So they tie wrapped the chair so it wouldn't shift around and the dog loves it. It is indeed her throne.

Anonymous said...

That is so Chester- he always figures that when the camera comes out its to take a picture of him!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the two of them. They are going to be such great buddies.

I love her hair too.

Paula said...

I just love that middle picture!
What great shots!

Both are very adorable and that chair does look comfy no wonder Jackson loves it so!

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