Dogs on Thursday - Bath Time

Jackson is a pretty low maintenance sort of dog. We try to brush him regularly - he's a short hair and doesn't shed too much to begin with, but he does shed. He needs to get his nails clipped and we bring him to the groomer for that. Otherwise, we are able to just give him a bath in the sink - once a month maybe. We're also lucky in that when he's outside he's not the type of dog to roll around too much in anything icky. We gave him a bath this past weekend and as I was walking toward the kitchen his little face looking out from the sink was so cute - the camera just didn't capture how cute it was!
Washing the dog


Lapdog Creations said...

What an adorable pic!

Anonymous said...

I think Jackson is the cutest. He's a good boy for his bath.
Debbie R.

Milly said...

Oh the days when mine would fit in a sink. aaaah.

Elizabeth said...

Does he not mind a bath? Lulu acts like I'm trying to skin her alive with acid the minute water touches her so I leave the bathing up to the groomers. She also tries to run and hide any time she sees the brush.

Cactusneedles said...

It's cute! And he fits in the sink, even better!:)

Paula said...

ahhh, I remember the days when Elise was small enough to fit in the sink.
Now we battle with the bath tub.

Jackson is really cute in his bath!
and he looks like he is enjoying it too.

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