(I started this post earlier in the week and almost forgot about it..)
Spit-up happens. Lorelai's not big on the spit up - it happens from time to time, but overall it's not a common thing. A little drip or drool here / there, no big deal. Imagine my surprise when she spit up what seemed like a lot and it got all over my sweater. No big deal. We go upstairs to change, I took off the sweater and after I wrapped her up held her to me. She spit up again, this time managing to get the spit up to go down the inside of my tank top. That takes talent.


Jen in FL said...

yeah, that's always fun. My oldest was a spitter. He spit up after every feed and all over everything! I was well acquainted with having spit up down my shirt. And in the couch cushions. And in my hair. Luckily that didn't last too long, hah!

theatreknitter said...

she is gifted, with very good aim.

Sunflowerfairy said...

My kid was a spitter. No one (or no where) was safe. So gross. After awhile I just got used to it.

It wasn't just a dribble either. ew.

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