Yoga, interrupted

I love tivo. It dawned on me the other day that I could set a wishlist for "yoga" and get some new routines available to me without buying a dvd. I found Inhale with Steve Ross on Oxygen - I used to watch / do this when I was in grad school. It's yoga with fun upbeat music, the guy cracks jokes the whole time and it's hard. I forgot how hard, as this was not the best routine to do after being pregnant / having a baby /not doing much of anything since, oh, I don't know - october? I maybe got through half of it (and thanks to tivo, skipped over the really hard middle section). Towards the end, I hear this rattle noise. I can't see Jackson anywhere, so I figure that he's playing with one of his toys, but I can't recall which one. I got up and walked around the room and found him.
New Hiding Spot
Look under the table - he's in the baby's seat - (baby is upstairs in her crib) - he was burying the bone I gave him to ocupy him earlier.
Gnaw gnaw

I see you watching me
Silly dachshund.


theatreknitter said...

up in her crib asleep during hte day? Seriously. How did you manage that!!!! Hope you guys are doing well.

talk to you soon

Unknown said...

Great photos! Looks like you had to get into a yoga pose to get those--which totally counts as exercise!

Anonymous said...

That pooch is just too cute for words.

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