Big Bad Baby Blanket

I finished this blanket last week or just before. I bought the yarn back in May when Betsy and I went to Webs. I started it, but stopped because I got superstitious... I picked it up and put it down many times, more so towards the end of my pregnancy, but didn't finish it before Lorelai arrived! I love it - I used blue sky organic cotton. Didn't bother to block it. Great for tv knitting, I would make this again or even make it larger for an adult.

Big Bad Baby Blanket

No more photos mom, really!
Blanket CloseUp

Here's a cuter picture of her:
Diape(RED) 1
See the little thing in her hair? It's a little flower clip from etsy shop PrettyinPaper (she's changing her shop name to PrettyInPosies) - The clips stay in her hair pretty well and they are very cute!

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meg said...

Adorable! I love the green you chose. And both of those shirts/onesies are great. :)

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