Dogs on Thursday

I thought this was cool, Dogs on Thursday and have signed up for it - Jackson is often a part of my blog and I don't see that changing, so why not give him a day? Lord knows I take enough pictures of the little guy and that currently we spend an immense amount of time together.

The breeders from whom we adopted Jackson have updated their website, check it out! lynnesdoxieheaven.com. We love Lynne and Skip - our dog is great and we've met others from there as well, equally sweet, fit and friendly. Jackson is on their "adopted puppy" page - in a little red sweater (I didn't make it though).

Jackson had a trip to the vet this week. Routine, to update shots and stuff. He did have to have blood drawn. When he came back in the room I started laughing - he had a wee little bandage on his leg - it was only on for an hour or so. He walked about and kept shaking his leg - as if he could shake it off. Of course I had to get out the camera as soon as we got home!
Jackson & Bandage
Love that it had little blue paw prints on it!

If that was the worst of the vet visit I'll take it - he went into the vet office without barking!! If you've met Jackson (or any dachshund) this is HUGE! Of course he wanted out the whole time we were there, but he was quiet.

He's been so affectionate today - curled up in my lap, or on my side when I was laying on my side before - keeps going in for a kiss. Good boy!


Sonya said...

I can just imagine him saying "take this doggone thing off"

Pooch said...

What a cutie! Dogs always look so sad when they have a bandage for any reason. Love the paw print bandage though!!


Paula said...

Oh he is a sweetie!
I just love his expressions!
Welcome to Dogs on Thursday.
You are all signed up.
Great knitting too!

Cindy said...

What a little love. And, you can hold him on your lap? How sweet.

Life's a Stitch said...

He is such a photogenic pup,

Jennifer said...

Hello, I'm Yarnzilla from the L&V message board, and I'm your Halloween Sock kit swap partner. Jackson is SO cute, is he a miniature or standard dachshund? I love the picture of him wearing the baby hat!

eyeleen said...

He is such a cutie!

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