Google Images Meme

This seemed like a cute thing to do - no one passed it on to me, I took it. Open invitation to take from here, as I've added a few things:

The place I grew up

The place I live now

My Name:

My grandmother's names:

My Favorite food(s):

My favorite drinks:

My Favorite Song (currently):

My favorite candy

My favorite animal

My job

More later...


Catherine Kerth said...

i like your job photo!!! very cute. beaker is the man!

froggiemeanie said...

Cute meme. I think I'm going to do one like it too.

The link to your e-mail address didn't work for me so I'm replying to your comment to me here....I'm excited about my scrabble tiles but am unsure how to make them. I think a teeny tiny drill bit is involved. Fun!

Lisa said...

Oh that's cool-- I may have to try that later this week :) :)

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