Wishing I had a digital camera (and sewing machine)

I just got back some photos (yay!) of finished objects, but only prints - there's a really cute one of Patrick, the penguin, casting an Alfred Hitchcock shadow. Today at Target I was distracted by the cameras - I saw a digital one for $30 - real cheap, no preview, but maybe that would keep me momentarily happy. I walked around the store many times mulling this over, but then decided that no I wanted something good. So I mosey back to their camera display - there were no prices out on anything! Free? I wish. I waited for some red-shirt to come over and help - and he gives me a schpiel that I interrupted because 1)I'm not scared in any way of technology (I started out by telling him I mainly wanted it for photos for a website, that should be his first clue) 2)I'm not scared of computers 3)I'm familiar with cameras - I have a 35mm automatic and SLR!! I don't like being talked down to, so I left. Without a camera. Not quite as interesting as ThreeOliveMartini's tire near-fiasco but still.

I'm looking for 3-4 megapixels, with a zoom, preview screen. Not too large size wise. Gotta find a consumer reports on these cameras. Looking to spend less than $250. Don't really care about easy share or printing the photos (if they're decent enough that's what ofoto and snapfish are for!)

Also, poking around the blogs last night made me wish I had a sewing machine and really knew how to sew! I have cross-stitched, I'm trying to embroider, I briefly used a sewing maching during my years as head costume wench in high school theatre - but to see what some people are doing out there is just inspiring!! Take a peek!
DIY Chinese Take-Out Purse (more paper than sewing, but still!)

My My (check out the patches too!)

Sewing Stars

My Paper Crane

And how about the "Month of Softies"?
There's always ThreadBared - those gals don't sew, but they have an, uh, appreciation for the patterns...

I'm hoping the back-tack will lead me into other adventures to feed the crafting ADHD.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

now now.. its not ADHD.. its Creative Genius!.. I have a fujifinepix..love love love my camera!! its not too large.. has a preview.. its a little older cause its only 2 megapixel but that was cutting edge when i got it LOL .. even at that it takes damn nice pictures..

oh yeah the tire guy.. total dufus.. I hate when ppl think you are stupid..

hope you find a camera you like soon !!

Snooze said...

Has Stitchy met these girls? This reminds me of the Kitschy McStitches...


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