Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday we closed on the house - it went very smoothly. Then we helped move a few things over and continued today - moving the smaller, fragile, essential items over to their new house. We will move out of the apartment at the end of May - sure enough it will be here soon! I'm still getting in as much knitting as I can, but have to be careful - Dan commented tonight that I'm not finishing projects!!

See, I have to do some thinking for the rebecca wrap - to make sure I do the right / left fronts properly. I think I can just follow the directions as written... but it needs thinking. And the broadripple has to be completely undone and will wait for some other pattern - the cuff opening just doesn't fit my foot. And the heart sachet also requires thinking.

So what's a gal to do while watching a "non-thinking" movie (Monty Python Holy Grail)? Cast-on and start knitty's x-back ribbon tank. I really enjoy working with the deco-ribbon - it's lightweight and works up well.

In bummer news I think I'm 3 balls short of Filatura Di Crosa "Elena" that I'll need for the web / online shrug from Interweave Knits. I bought 3 balls, but didn't read the yardage requirements... eep.


Beth said...

Don't you hate when that happens? I was a mere 1 skein short - so I had to order the needed quantity to ensure the dye lots matched. I used the original order for a hat, so it all worked out.

Good luck!

Heide said...

Congrats on the closing, that's great news! And it's great that you guys have the whole month to move out of your apartment.

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