So, while this guy will devour his pet if he doesn't raise enough money, he doesn't say why - not that there could even be a good reason. Why isn't PETA all over this guy? Have I missed something here?

(It's also almost unbelievable that I have update more than once today!)


Gracie said...

OMG!! How horrible! PETA should be alerted.

K said...

It's a joke... hoax... whatever you call it. I think they are even increasing the $$ amount to make it look real.

So many other much better causes to donate too than some fool like this guy!

Sandy J said...

Like k said, it's a joke. ;)

Laura said...

I Think it is probably a joke too. But there have been some really crazy money making schemes out there. Examples..Vigin Mary image on a grilled cheese...a snow ball??? (both on ebay, Fact or Urban Myth?)

Either way this guy is a nut!

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