I'm on my computer alot. Mostly it's for lesson planning / teaching stuff. Frequently it's for email. Anything else it's knitting /crafting. So it's rather amusing when my hubby asks me what I'm doing on the computer - Looking at knitting. Reading about knitting. Finding new patterns I want to do.

Is there a way to see the blogs of those who have "subscribed" to me on bloglines? I'm amazed that 100+ people have "subscribed" and I would love to leave a comment in their blog to say "Hey" - but I don't know how to figure that out.

Today I made banana bread and pizza bread. So domestic.

I've been working on the Eyelet wrap from rebecca #29 - twice, I've frogged. I'm left-handed and this is my first chart pattern experience - I keep screwing up. Bah. But I'm still determined. Any tips for lefties working from charts? I want to avoid re-writing the entire pattern, but fear it may bome to that!


Lynette said...

hi there, i subscribe to you. you can check who else subscribes by clicking on the 100+ subscribers and that'll give you a list. i'm not sure if it's all-inclusive or the most recent bloggers. i found this last week by wondering the same thing.

have fun!

Catherine Kerth said...

hey there! i love the vera bradley bag too. i spend more time looking up blogs areading them more than i knit sometimes:) my DH always wonders what is so amazing about knitting blogs. just fun!those hello kitty sweater are so cute!!!!!

Dani said...

The subscribed thing up top in bloglines will hsow you anyone who has subscribed and made it public I THINK!

Im one of those subscribed (by way of RAOK)

And I hear you on the library thing. I came from a town with a HUGE library. The one in our new town (we moved here in January) is THE PITS - the have MAYBE 5 knitting books, and they are all circo 1980. And NO knitting mags in the periodical section. SO sad!!

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