It looks so nice out, I think I'll walk over to the library (the good one, not the one of frequent rants) and post office in a few moments. Also on tap for today is that I want to complete the ears for the Bobbi Bear (which really is huge. the size of my thigh.), keep working on Broadripple (this is knitting up so nice, although I keep getting "caught" at the join end of the circular needles. I'm using Addi Turbos, but I'm trying to keep those end stitches tight.... oh well. Also keep working on the Rebecca wrap. Swap out the winter clothes for the summer / spring. Find my reef flip-flops. FIgure out what to have for dinner.

While getting RAOKs ready this morning I had on "A Perfect Murder" (it was still too early for spunge or daytime talk tv) - Aragorn is in this movie!!! Never realized that before. He's so cute.


Heide said...

Aragorn is a hottie. Will you be at the tavern tonight?

Carrie said...

I have heard 'A Perfect Murder' was a good movie. I haven't seen it yet, but it's in my cue.

And you mentioned that you have fundraiser cookbooks. I love those! Especially the one's that come from small churches.

Allena said...

LOL isn't it funny when we watch different things we start to notice all the hotties when they first started out! i love that! LOL

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