I'm a library supporter. I have always loved going to the library. However, I really cannot stand the local library in the town I'm moving back to next month. I went there today to get a video for school. Now, I've used that library before, but now I have a new last name / new library card (with my current hometown library, one town over) - so I have to wait while they "re-input" into their system. I went to the library in the town where i teach and had to wait again. So I made a comment about how there should be a "CT State" library card, not this town thing. And the librarian piped up that it is a CT library card (See, how it says it right on the card?) Yes, ma'am I see that - however each time you use it for the first time in a new spot I have to wait while I get "input" into the system. I might as well just get a new town library card. Frustrating, because this really isn't as convenient as it should be. Also, the library has really shitty parking. There is a vote up to expand the library - while I think this is a good thing - expand / update / serve more people, they make no accommodations for parking upgrades, which sucks.

I met up with Betsy (who finally has a LiveJournal - yay!) a stitch and sip at our local tavern. It was fun, but when she moves out to PA this summer, I think I may have to switch my knitting night - there's only 2 or 3 of us (me included) that come out with any regularity.

I think I'm managed the eyelet pattern on the wrap but now I've come to a confusing part involving the increases - I don't see how they add 10 stitches because according the written directions, I see 5 are added. Groan.

And lastly, Gilmore Girls is still in reruns. :^( Not fair. This season hasn't been all that great, but I miss my show!


Heide said...

I'm trying really hard not to get too frustrated about it, but I really want more people to come out and knit with us!!! Maybe we should do something more generic, like for all crafts instead of just knitting? Something like that Hat City Scissors Squad thingamajig, or the Church of Craft??

Heide said...

ps Seriously, could the library's parking lot be any smaller?? I think the only way it could be smaller is if it were a black hole. So annoying.

Catherine Kerth said...

I use to work for a library for 4 years. LOVED IT! County and state librarians always have attitudes, i know i was one:)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Yeah, Guilford Library hasn't changed AT ALL since I was a kid, up to and including parking.

Anyway, I am off to LA. I plan to take lots pf pictures, and visit Jennifer Knits. YEAH.

Talk to you soon


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