That's the call # at the library for the knitting books. I went to the library in the town where I teach and browsed their new books, then went up to the "arts" area and found more knitting books. I like the Miller Library in Hamden - but don't rush over there because I took out the books :) For the next 2 weeks or so I am pouring over
*Family Circle Easy Afghans
*Gift Knits
*Debbi Bliss Celtic Knits
*Knitter's Stash
*Vogue Knitting Socks Two
*Left-Handed Crochet
*Hot Knits
*Felted Knits
*Knitting on the Edge

And wether or not if that man-eating-rescued rabbit thing is a joke PETA should still go stomp on his tuckas. They do outlandish stuff like that.

I bought pink tulips today - I love tulips and the shade of pink was sooo springy.

I'm on Spring Break!! To celebrate I'm having frozen strawberry daquiaris with dinner.

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