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After a kinda icky day I came home to find that my wonderful husband had bought me a camera flash!! eeee! He gave me a SLR two Christmas-times ago and I adore playing with it, but couldn't use it inside because of the lack of lighting! Once I get the right number of batteries, I'll be playing indoors more, taking more knitting photos and burning through film!!!

Surfing around tonight - How cute are these: IttyBittyNecklaces (the hearts), and these MommyTags (not for me, not yet anyway) and this DIY yoga eye pillow!

And I had not yet checked out spunmag.com - another online knitting "thing" - I'm SO making this catepillar.

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margene said...

Thank you, thank you for your lovely note and the cute Luv 2 Blog sticky notes!!

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