Needle Exchange

Romy was my Needle Exchange buddy. She rocks!

There's an awesome skein of CottonCheneille in a lime green, knitpicks Shadow (lost lake) and the pattern to use with the yarn and the needles to knit it up with! How excited am I to finally try out knitpicks yarn? Very! And to try lace? The pattern is beautiful!! The elephant clip is so funky - I love it and will use it often! I hope this goes for another round :)

If you're a fan of Kermit you may want to look away... apparently Jackson has not yet realized what a kind soul Kermie is! Frog Legs!


Catherine Kerth said...

alright! got some goodies! romy is really sweet and thoughtful... how is jackson?

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about kermit, hope he is coping okay. I will also be getting some knitpicks through a knit swap, can't wait to show it to you. Got all sorts of stuff going on, when I have a spare minute, we will have to get together.

miss you

Unknown said...

Ohh Becca!
I found the other part of your package under the seat in my truck today. ugh!
I hope you liked to stuff you DID get.
I got your doggie a sweet litle collar.
I'll try to get it out soon.

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