Bits of Stuff (there's knitting this time!)

The weather has turned nice, and then WAY too hot, and now it's back to nice again. I introduced Lorelai to the sprinkler to give her a good soaking (maybe not the best mom move ever - she's been a bit under the weather this week, running warm, but not feverish - sure, let's get wet and run around outside in the heat... whatever. She loved it.)
Sprinkler fun

Here's the garden, with Lorelai for scale:
We've got two raised beds and they have worked out quite well each year. After we took this photo she helped me pick cherry tomatoes - she was quite good at it. I was convinced she would squish them!

Chalk is a new favorite toy this summer.

We move our art around as needed.

Jackson keeps an eye on us at all times.

Malabrigo Test Knit
The Malabrigo Dress is all knit and seamed! I'm deciding on buttons - hopefully tonight at SnB a decision will be made!

It fits!
This is the current state of my sweater for the sweaterKAL I'm doing with some of the SnB gals. I was quite nervous I wouldn't get it over my head, but now that fear is put to rest. Thank goodness - I have a back-up plan (Snow White) ready to start at any time, but I don't feel like swatching :)

That's the current state of this nutshell. I'm thisclose to starting the Bat Shawl - Dan's cousin is getting married this fall. Halloween to be exact! I'm going to wear the purple dress from my brother's wedding and I would like to have a shawl. Dan has approved - I may go hunt for yarn tonight!


Anonymous said...

Love the look on Lorelai's face in the first picture.

Can't wait to see the Mmmmmalabrigo dress. Oh and you totally need to make that Bat Shawl!

theatreknitter said...

love the bat shawl, love the dress, congrats on the garden. . Oh, and playing in sprinkers? best medicine EVER!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Cutting molars always made The Boy's nose run, ears red, then a slight fever. Poor girl.

Love the bat shawl. I've always wanted to add beads to it...something sparkly, but not too much. Something that says Halloween without looking like a disco ball. lol

I'd be interested in knowing what yarn you find for it.

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