I knit and knit and knit and truly intended to have my Gemini sweater finished to wear to TNNA.  I was successful in getting all the knitting done on the Thursday before I left. However, in true gemini form, I could not bring myself to weave in the ends and actually finish this project in time! And sure, it is an excuse, but we were also in a stretch of early heat waves (that have continued) and I was not too keen on the idea of wearing a wool sweater, even if it is short sleeved. I wove in the ends when I returned and finally took a few photos of my new sweater last night.  I absolutely love it!
Knitting the small size used less than four skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool! The lace portion at the top was easy and interesting, and the body was smooth sailing. The sweater could probably do with a little light blocking, but I do not think that is neccessary. Gemini Sweater I'm undecided if I like the lace better on the front or the back, big surprise there. It is falling apart a bit in this photo, but this is pretty much my new favorite way to wear my hair now that the weather is so icky. I have a lion's mane of thick hair that is wavy and layered. I went hunting and found a sock bun tutorial for my kind of hair and it rocks. With a little bit of help from hairspray, bobby pins, and yes, a sock, even I can pull off this casual up-do. If you know of other styles / tutorials for thick-short-wavy-layered hair, please share! I am really trying to break out of my usual hairstyle rut!

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Ann said...

Lovely sweater!
I remember liking it when I first saw it in Knitty. Maybe I'll have to revisit it.
Love Silky Wool yarn, too!

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